Frank and Zed Tweaked, New Campaign

Frank & Zed, production team, Puppetcore remodeled their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Earlier this month featured an article on the “Frank & Zed” film project titled; “Frank & Zed” Puppetry Horror Film” which you can read here. In the article we described the crowdfunding project and offered some details on the overall “Frank & Zed” film project.

In a recent turn of events the “Frank & Zed” crowdfunding campaign was temporarily cancelled. However, the move was implemented to allow suitable attainment of the funding goal and refinement towards the visual medium. Puppetcore films issued a brief statement via email to,  an exclusive update surrounding their crowdfunding campaign.

We’ve reached out to all of our current backers explaining our new approach and how we’re planning to finish the film now, and how we’ve made many of the rewards more affordable, etc… After a brief delay, we’ve risen from the dead with our new campaign Frank and Zed

With a revamped objective in place the “Frank & Zed” film campaign is back on Kickstarter and you can find them at the new link provided here: Frank & Zed: An All Puppet Monster Movie.

The project is unique for its puppet driven presentation, handmade fabrications and stylized aesthetics. The originality in itself merits contribution, aid towards making the “Frank & Zed” film a reality.

The logline to “Frank & Zed” reads as follows:

Blood, Guts, & Felt. Frank & Zed must hack and chomp their way through the local villagers bent on killing them. From Puppetcore Films, “Frank & Zed” is perhaps the world’s first all-puppet monster movie packed with detail, gore, and fire-breathing puppets.

As of the time of this writing, “Frank and Zed” crowdfunding campaign nears the ten thousand dollar mark, and has twenty three days remaining to obtain their funding goal. Get all of the latest news on “Frank and Zed” at and be sure to follow Puppetcore Films via their Facebook page and on Twitter.

What do you think of a Horror film with an all puppet cast coupled with the use of practical effects? Submit your comments using the fields below.




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