French Thriller Opens in Theaters France, Japan

French Thriller “Night Fare” is the upcoming film from Director Julien SeriJonathan HowardFanny ValetteJean-François LenogueJess Liaudin and Jonathan Demurger star in this edge-of-your seat film. Check out the film clips below to get an idea on the artistic direction to the film. “Night Fare” opens tomorrow, January 13th, 2016 in its native France. The film is also scheduled for theatrical release in Japan on January 19th 2016. A release date for the U.S. wasn’t issued. This is unfortunate because “Night Fare” is a Thriller moviegoers are yearning for. Rare are those story driven Thrillers that sparks satisfaction after leaving the theater. French cinema is notorious for the creative approach in Horror and Thrillers films.

The synopsis to the Film “Night Fare” is as follows:

Luc and his English friend Chris take a taxi to go home after partying hard all evening in Paris. At destination, they run away without paying the fare. They got the wrong driver for this… The taxi goes immediately into hunting mode, chasing them all night, wherever they go. But does he only want his money back?

The concept for “Night Fare” is a twist on the vehicular hunter/prey scenario. In most cases the stalker utilizes an eighteen-wheeler. The victims are often times city slicker teen traveling cross country. “Night Fare” takes a far fetched approach and condenses it. The streets of France becomes the backdrop instead of the open road. “Night Fare” ventures into territory that is something more plausible. I can’t wait to see this film. In any event stay tuned to for further developments on “Night Fare”. We’ll be posting the availability of the film once its distributed within the U.S.





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