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“Friday  The 13th” titular character, Jason Voorhees, is both a cultural and horror icon. The  zombie villain slasher first introduced in the 1980’s “Friday The 13th” has evolved dramatically of the course of its thirty-five plus years of existence. Let’s begin with the physical characteristics of the character, Jason Voorhees who started out as an average sized male to a husky individual and settling finally as a threatening mastodon.  In addition, lets not forget the many deviations of Jason Voorhees’ trademark hockey mask and as his grotesque features.

Many actors have portrayed Jason Voorhees over the years, each were considered for the role based on their intimidating frame. In “Friday The 13th II” the incarnation of Jason Voorhees was portrayed by Warrington Gillette‘s  6’1 stature and in the 2009 reboot of “Friday The 13th” Jason Voorhees is portrayed by Derek Mears‘ hulking 6’5.5 frame. Halloween Costumes released a very cool info-graphic detailing the evolution of Jason Voorhees, one of the most iconic characters in Horror cinema.  The details pertaining to the character, Jason Voorhees is explored from the initial release of “Friday The 13th” in the 1980’s to its reboot/remake in 2009.

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