The Funhouse Massacre: Andy  Palmer’s Dark Comedy-Horror

 The Funhouse Massacre: Film Details

Director: Andy Ben Begley, Renee Dorian The Funhouse Massacre

Writers: Ben Begley, Renee Dorian

Release Date: November 13, 2015

Release Format: Streaming

MPAA Rating: Rated R

Horror Sub-Genre: Comedy, Horror



Six of the world’s scariest psychopaths escape from a local Asylum and proceed to unleash terror on the unsuspecting crowd of a Halloween Funhouse whose themed mazes are inspired by their various reigns of terror.

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Meet your hosts:

“The Dollface” (Candice  De Visser). Crazy, homicidal clown.

“Animal the Cannibal” (E. E. Bell). Reformed cannibal. Victims were killed, cooked, and served.

“Dr. Suave” (Sebastian Siegel). Reformed dentist with inhumane methods.

“Taxidermist” (Clint Howard). Reformed taxidermist that uses real people.

“Rocco the Clown” (Mars Crain). A Reformed underground wrestler that killed a lot of opponents.

“Mental Manny” (Jere Burns). Reformed priest, responsible for the largest mass suicide in history. Ben Begley, Renee Dorian The Funhouse MassacreAn insane asylum, (ran by the amazing Robert Englund who stars as the Warden), that houses the world’s most dangerous, depraved, sinister psychopaths, is visited by Ms. Quinn, who is posing as an innocent news reporter to get the scoop on the asylum and its inmates. However, Ms. Quinn is not as innocent as she seems, as she, herself, is a cold-hearted killer, donned “The Dollface”. After slaughtering the staff of the asylum, she frees the inmates. Let the games begin.

On Halloween night, a group of friends rides out to the Land of Illusion Haunted Park, which is inhabited by our psychotic inmates that escaped from the insane asylum in the beginning. But our friends can’t tell if the acts are real or fake. Things soon take a drastic turn. It’s all fun and games until the guests of the park start dying. On the other hand, all the other guests didn’t get the memo that the “show” is over.  They are in for a rude awakening. The grand finale.

Now, the stakes are high, as our friends join forces to battle the horde of crazed psychopaths and kill them…for good this time.

Pros Ben Begley, Renee Dorian The Funhouse MassacreThe People vs. Psychopaths. “The Funhouse Massacre” is brutal good time. A horde of crazed psychopaths escape from an insane asylum and take refuge in a haunted scream park, where they can “legally” play out their dastardly deeds without law enforcement poking around. At least, that’s what they think. On the contrary, law enforcement is on their tails and has them right where they want them. Together, with a few brave souls, the cops corner the psychopaths and take them out one last time. The show is brutal and the grand finale is chilling. One kickass time.

“The Funhouse  Massacre” plot and storyline are really good. People battling psychopaths? I love it. Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this play out on the screen, however, this film does away with the typical cliches and cheesiness, and sticks to the purpose at hand. It gets right to the grit and it doesn’t let up. Nonstop action, brutality, and gore. The subtle comedic undertones thrown in periodically are just the right amount. Not going overboard with the comedy.

The costumes are awesome. Very realistic. The killing and torture scenes were also realistic and avoid being cheesy and overdramatic. This, naturally, provided a sense of scare factor to the film. Not really jump scares, but more-so the brutal killing and torture scenes that made you tense up and turn your head for a split second.

Personal Analysis Ben Begley, Renee Dorian The Funhouse MassacreSo, one thing about me when it comes to psychopaths and serial killers, I am a big nerd. Whenever I watch a movie about serial killers, I like to observe, research and link them to real-life serial killers (if there is any comparison at all). And, a lot of times (at least, more times than none), fictional serial killers are based off or inspired by real life serial killers.

While highly focusing on the profiles of the psychopaths in “The Funhouse Massacre”, I couldn’t help but to compare them to their imposed counterparts. Of course, this is purely personal opinion and comparison based on my own observations. However, a few of them sounded highly familiar, and I questioned if they were based off or inspired by these characters:

“The Dollface” (Harley Quinn). The whole get-up of “The Dollface” highly resembles Harley Quinn, the fictional character of the DC Comics. Her makeup, costume, killing methods. “‘Animal the Cannibal” (Joe Metheny). Joe Metheny was a cannibalistic serial killer, who mutilated his victims, cooked them, and served them as burgers, roast beef, and pork sandwiches.

“Mental Manny” (Jim Jones). Jim Jones is an infamous cult leader and founder of the Peoples Temple. He conducted one of the largest mass suicides by feeding the people punch laced with cyanide. The rest of the killers didn’t ring a bell initially, but I did a search and found the following. Again, this is a personal analysis. “Dr. Suave” (Dr. Glennon Engleman). Dr. Glennon Engleman was known as the “Killing Dentist”. He brutally murdered his patients in order to collect insurance money. “Taxidermist”. This search took me to a few select people that could possibly serve as an inspiration for this character.

One of those people is Ed Gein, who is the infamous “The Butcher of Plainfield”. His career was not taxidermy, however, his killing methods involved human taxidermy. Earl Bulford was known as “The Eye Snatcher”. He was a taxidermist that used post-mortem eye removal as his killing method.

“Rocco the Clown”. When I did a search for serial killer wrestlers, the search led me to a woman, named Juana Barraza, who was a professional wrestler, nicknamed “La Mataviejitas” or “The Old Lady Killer”. Her method of killing was strangulation. However, the comparison doesn’t completely add up to the character in “The Funhouse Massacre”.

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