Ghabash Paranormal Film A First In Saudi Arabia Cinema

Ghabash Film Details

Director: Asem Al-Roumi

Writer: Asem Al-Roumi, Badr El-Kothairy


“Ghabash” follows two young men who are on their way to Al-Kharj, a Saudi city that lies less than 100 kilometers south of Riyadh, as their path is intersected and changed by a ghost.

Actors: Koraytam, Mohamed El-Shadkhy, Lamar El-Dousry

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“Ghabash” is Saudi Arabia’s first step into the “dark-side”. The Saudis’ first horror film is co-written between Badr El-Kothairy and Asem Al-Roumi Founder of Asem Films. The company specializes in shooting films and commercials in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. “Ghabash” features an all-Saudi cast.  Asem Al-Roumi directed the 6-minute short film. Released on YouTube, it is just the first installment in a continuous series of other short films.

“Ghabash”, in just a mere 6 minutes will leave you with chills. This is one reason why I like short films. In just minutes, you are grabbing your pillow and telling yourself; “It’s only a movie”.

“Ghabash” is different from a lot of ghost and paranormal films. For one, it comes from Saudi Arabia. Come to think of it, every culture has a story to tell, and they do so, in their own way. The movie industry is like one big melting pot of creative ideas. There are these different cultures throwing their ideas into the pot. Let’s take a look at some examples.

American director, Tobe Hooper, brought us “Poltergeist” (1982)

An innocent, unsuspecting suburban family becomes the victims of a ghost intrusion. Their youngest daughter becomes the object of the ghosts’ possessions and holds her captive.

South Korean director, Jee-woon Kimbrought us “A Tale of Two Sisters” (2003)

Two young sisters return home after being in a mental institution. They become victim to their evil stepmother’s intentions. The oldest sister makes a grave discovery.

Russian director, Levan Gabridadze brought us “Unfriended” (2014).

A group of chat room friends who become victims to a supernatural force.

The mentioned films are all paranormal films. This takes me back to my original point that movies transcend culture. “Ghabash” is a prime example of this. From the creative minds and talent of Saudi Arabia, they are able to take a genre of horror and make it their own.


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