Ghostbusters Reboot Lacks Definition?

Ghostbusters is the latest victim production to the reboot/remake fiasco established by Hollywood. Cinema has taken a turn for the worse over the past decade. Various film genres have had its share of rehashed concepts. Producing these films are a gamble. Audiences that recall the source material incite protest to the re-imagined versions. Moviegoers oblivious to the established medium welcome a modernized approach.

The idea of introducing previous released concepts under a modern platform is not erroneous. Problems lie with the constant regurgitation of every project imaginable. Reboots and remakes are the foundation of cinema at present. A lack of creativity is evident in Hollywood industry. Films are carbon copy constructs that lack innovative and genre-defining characteristics.

The trailer to the “Ghostbusters” reboot launched last week. A bombardment of mixed reactions would greet and the footage. Most complaints center on the all female cast. Voices from these low esteemed male chauvinist communities hold no weight in this discussion. Also void is disapproval towards the “Ghostbusters” reboot constituting a misogynistic thought process.

A reboot to “Ghostbusters” wasn’t necessary. Leave the classics alone! The original despite flaws and racial injustice is an established addition in cinema history. “Ghostbusters”, the original is a cross genre medium. Elements of Action, Comedy and Sci-Fi are ever-present. An animated television series spawned from this creatively executed concept.

The reboot to “Ghostbusters” lack substance in the creative process.  The formula presented consists of  template based comedic elements. A foundation of heavy CGI elements aims to parallel the original film. Yet, it’s efforts dilutes the intended presentation. A story element lies within the abyss of one-liners and computer generated renders. Offered Within the trailer is only a glimpse of the plot. Awarded is emphasis on visual and audible gimmicks. For most CGI, reused acting criteria, and recycled humor is a form of entertainment. An execution of this caliber is well suited for home entertainment distribution. A film should offer the public thought provoking experience. A reboot/remake/modernization should represent the original sourced material with constructed reinforcement.

The trailer below offers a visual representation towards the above offered points. “Marshmallow Man”, original cast member to the 1984 “Ghostbusters” offers his sentiments on the “Ghostbuster” reboot. Also provided is the trailer to Paul Feig’s  “Ghostbusters”. 

What’s your opinion on the “Ghostbusters” remake/reboot/modernization? Weight your voice using the comment fields below.




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