Girl in the Photographs: Nick Simon’s Crime, Thriller

Girl in the Photographs, The. Film Details.

Director: Nick Simon 

Writers: Robert Morast , Osgood Perkins, Nick Simon

Release Date: April 1, 2016

Release Format: Theatrical (Limited Release), VOD

MPAA Rating: No Rating

Sub Horror-Genre: Crime, Horror, Thriller


A bored young woman in a sleepy community called Spearfish, starts receiving photographs of brutally murdered young women. Are they real or staged? The culprit is either a serial killer or some creep with a sick sense of humor.

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Trailer Summary

The trailer starts off with at night. A car pulls into a driveway. A young woman walks into the house. She gets something out of the refrigerator. Instantly, a series of dramatic scenes take place. Leading up to the young woman being taped up and bound by a stranger man who takes her photograph. The screen cuts to a photograph coming out of a printer. Looks like a dead body, but you can’t see the full image. Nick Simon's "Girl In The Photographs"The screen cuts to a man sitting in, what looks to be a basement, on the computer. The screen cuts to a man talking about a serial killer doing photography. Could this be the moral to the story? We see photographs of model women. The man suggests the killer is from Spearfish. The screen cuts to the town of Spearfish. Instantly, there’s an intense scene of another young woman tied down and bound by the stranger man. He proceeds to take her photograph.

What proceeds are innocent scenes. The two men from the previous scene are talking to a young woman. One of the men pulls out a camera and takes her photograph. Irritated, she storms out of the house. When one of the men follows after her, the look on their faces suspects they see something out of place. What proceeds is intense clips of a young woman being tied down. The words “Vicious, Visceral and Very unsettling” flashes on the screen. Followed by the words “A brutal thriller that would make Wes Craven proud”.

The screen cuts to an underground lair of some sort. We see two people in masks, followed by a young woman who appears to be fighting to get out of some kind of cage. The screen cuts to the young woman who stormed out of the house a few scenes back. She’s talking to a cop. We have another intense scene, where a young woman is pursued by two people in masks. In a following scene, we can see the full picture that came out of the printer earlier. A young woman who was brutally murdered. What follows is a series of soft and intense scene overlapping. People talking. Scenes of victims in photographs.

We come to a scene where a woman is cleansing her face. A strange person in a mask is standing in the darkness, watching her. We cut to a scene where a woman decides to take a dip in the Jacuzzi. Some random person is there in the shadow, taking her photograph. The words “’A picture is worth a thousand screams” flash on the screen, accompanied by more intense clips of the unknown assailants and their victims and people fighting for their lives. The trailer ends with the words “The Girl in the Photographs”.


“The Girl in the Photographs” trailer is a tricky one. It’s hard knowing what it’s angle is when you don’t see too much in the trailer. From what I have gathered, there’s a series of young women being victimized by a sadistic killer. He captures their photographs, and they end up dead. What are the photograph for, however? A “trophy” for his work? Watching the trailer, I have a theory who could be behind the madness, but, of course I won’t spoil that surprise for you.

Coming from Wes Craven, a master of horror, one could assume that “The Girl in the Photographs” will be just as good as his other films. One thing is for sure, Wes Craven has not let us down yet, so I am certain this will be a good film. The anticipation and the suspense is very high.


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