Girl In Woods, Jeremy Benson Offers Engaging Horror, Thriller

Girl In Woods Film Details

Director: Jeremy Benson Jeremy Benson's "Girl In Woods"

Writer: Jeremy Benson

Release Date: 3rd of June 2016

Release Format: Cable VOD & Digital HD

Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller


After a tragic accident Grace is lost and alone in the Smoky Mountains. Grace’s struggle for survival is made more complicated by her troubled past. Battling the demons in her mind may be the only way to come out alive.

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Overview: Jeremy Benson's "Girl in Woods"“Girl in Woods” delves into the realm of trauma based subconsciousness. This is a Horror unto itself. There’s nothing as frightening than surviving a traumatizing circumstance. Writer, director Jeremy Benson does exceptional work of conveying this message. The film is a powerful display an unstable mind. Or is it? Are paranormal elements at play here? Or is it a combination of both? The viewer takes a journey that crossed the boundaries of reality and Horror. The engagement will question the fiber of reality.

“Girl in Woods” is a refreshing approach to Horror. The success lies in the subtle approach to the production. Special effects are used sparingly and with eerie effect. The make-up effects department opted for a simplistic creature design. Thus, creating a realistic villainous looking creature. Also, presented is a well-structured protagonist. The character is complete with a rich backstory. Trek into the unknown with the film “Girl in Woods”.

“Girl in Woods” releases on the 3rd of June 2016 via Video on Demand and DVD.


“Girl in woods”  excels in development and production. Jeremy Benson presents an exquisite blend of Supernatural Horror and Psychological Thriller. The story narrative is engaging with a cast of well-developed characters. This is a rarity, especially in the modern arena of Horror cinema. “Girl in Woods” is short on the scare factor. Jeremy Benson substitutes terror with eerie and at times surreal scenarios. The successful execution is a combination of exceptional camera work, set design, and lighting. Each component fused in concert to create tension-filled visuals.

Jeremy Benson transcends the norm of typical Horror films. Audiences will enjoy “Girl in woods”for its thought-provoking social commentary and engaging plot. This is a remarkable example of innovative filmmaking.

“Girl in Woods” without a doubt offers some of the best performances in an indie feature film. Rare is the case in which the cast, as  a whole offer remarkable portrayals. Charisma CarpenterJeremy LondonLee PerkinsShaun BensonLauren Bayleigh White and John Still star in “Girl in Woods”. Each actor made their character a life on screen. Yet, spotlight acclaim goes to actress Juliet Reeves London. London excelled in her portrayal of the character Grace. The film itself is virtually a one-woman performance. The film has not yet released it’s not possible to delve into London’s role without giving away too much of the plot.


This is a rarity. “Girl in Woods” does not offer any critical flaws that merit attention.

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