GirlFight: InVite: Released to Amazon Prime

GirlFight: InVite Film Kelcey Coe Girlfight Invite

Title: GirlFight: InVite

Director: Kelcey Coe

Writer: Kelcey Coe

Release Date: June 26, 2016


Deep within the Forbidden Forest outside Buckeye City, Ohio, sinister fatal femme Rachel inVites four unlikely model hopefuls into an underground death fight inside a barbaric steel cage surrounded by razor-sharp barb-wire.

The winner moves on to GirlFight: Model Kombat, granting the survivor a multi-million dollar contract with an international modeling agency. An all-female nightmare horror concept short film inspired by true events! Written, directed, and produced by a survivor of Asperger’s Syndrome!

Note: This video is a short concept pitch film to demonstrate the brutality and madness expected to ultimately take place in GirlFight: Model Kombat. Excessive violence and shock value mixed with dark horror are exemplified in this demonstration.

Overview Kelcey Coe Girlfight InviteGirlFight: InVite released June 26, 2016. In a Press Release on July 5, 2016, it was stated that the film has been released on the Amazon Prime network, free of charge. It’s also been released on DVD.

The Short Action-Horror by director Kelcey Coe, stars a predominantly female cast in a ruthless underground death fight setting.

From the Press Release:

The film perpetuates a strong feminist message. GIRLFIGHT empowers women by shattering through the glass ceiling, opening doors to an all-female ensemble featuring many models and actresses from various genres put into movie roles in this deadly martial arts mashup typically oriented to males.

Although the premise of the film consists of brutal cage fights heavily filled with graphic, ultra-violence, where the characters fight to earn specific fortune and glory, it also encompasses reasons why these individual women are fighting.

These reasons add to the character development and further enrich the story, based on real women stories matched against very tough obstacles – whether it involves kids or personal gain.

Overall, the film examines the psychological conditions of women put under these stressful circumstances, giving them a powerful voice for recognition and acknowledgement, as symbols for strong and independent women rather than inferior humans to a male-dominated patriarch. Kelcey Coe Girlfight Model KombatFemale domination in horror cinema is becoming a major breakthrough trend. Not just the in terms of casting, but in terms the production crew as well. More independent films are being written, directed, and produced by women, and a lot of these films convey this very important aforementioned meaning and message.

Another interesting fact about GirlFight: InVite, is the predominantly model cast. All of the star women are models. Lindsey McComb (Columbus),Lexi Roth (Cincinnati), Brandi Michelle (Kentucky), and Amanda DiCapo (Youngstown). The only one of the cast that’s not a model is Becca Chanay.

This is interesting because I have not seen many films, horror films especially, that stars a predominantly model cast. So, it will be interesting to see how this complements the tone of GirlFight: InVite.

On the same token, the film centers around the group of aspiring models, competing for an international modeling agency. So, this particular casting may just be the perfect entourage.

Add to the exciting fact that it’s inspired by true events, GirlFight: InVite definitely has some pros to it that could make it’s mark as a groundbreaking film, and a breath of fresh air from the norm.

Josh C. Waller‘s Raze also stars a predominant female cast, where a group of women are abducted, imprisoned, and forced in a ruthless, deadly fighting match. The difference with Coe’s GirlFight: InVite, is that the women choose to participate.

However, they both convey the same message, essentially. That women are not weak and repressed like the society and the industry of horror cinema has imprinted through countless films, showing counts of, primarily, male domination.

I think that more women of the horror cinema industry are noticing this, and they are setting a new trend. A new voice that speaks for all women in the industry.

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