Godzilla Resurgence, Kaiju Icon Updated Look

Godzilla Resurgence is set to hit theaters on July 29th 2016 in Japan.  Audiences in Japan don’t have to endure the six month wait to see how Godzilla would look like. Leaked images surfaced online recently, in it is a slightly altered version of the iconic Kaiju. “Godzilla Resurgence”, the upcoming film by Toho Studios will offer to what appears to be a battle scarred, older yet fiercer looking creature. Firstly, Godzilla has one two many row of freakishly looking teeth. Its very bizarre, perhaps the designers were going for a crocodile/alligator concept as far as teeth goes. Secondly, its hard to tell but there seems to be scarring across it’s body. That would make sense considering the many wars Godzilla has been through over the years.

However, what the photographs don’t show is the Kaiju’s size in stature. Toho Studios’ newest render will be a whopping 389 feet tall! This will make it the largest version of Godzilla’s sixty year franchise. Also note that this new incarnation of Godzilla dwarfs the 2014 American version of “Godzilla” by 34 feet. It will be curious to see how the special effects team will bring this massive monster to life with the use of puppetry, animatronics, and digital graphics.

On the U.S. front, a sequel to “Godzilla”the 2014 Legendary Pictures release is a couple of years away for a theatrical release. A cross over war between King Kong and Godzilla is in the planning stages. The slated year these colossal giants will share screen time would be sometime near 2020. The building up to the epic franchise cross over will begin with the soon to be released “Skull Island” feature film. For those unaware “Skull Island”  is a fictitious island and first appeared in the 1933 film “King Kong”. The waiting game begins.


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