Halloween Returns Screen Test Fact of Fake?

Halloween Returns

Within the past twenty-four hours the internet is abuzz with what is claimed to be a screen test for the upcoming entry to the “Halloween” franchise; “Halloween Returns”. In fact, Horror genre news magazine Deadcentral.com stated they were:

“offering you something cool that you’ll see HERE first.”

Their claim certainly established the distinguished Horror news source as the exclusive purveyor of the video. However, the questions lingers; is the “Halloween Returns Screen Test” footage for the upcoming film “Halloween Returns”? Is this a fan made film seeking viral ranking by utilizing a clever marketing tactic? According to the article posted on Deadcentral the video published on the 29th of October 2015 via Youtube was:

“..a screen test shot over the summer for Halloween Returns. It’s been floating around on people’s phones in the L.A. horror community for a bit, but now we’re pulling back the curtain for you.”

The purported screen test runs under two minutes in length and stars Kristina Klebe as the prey and Sean Decker as The Shape, Micheal Myers. The Youtube account holder that posted the video is notable Horror writer, producer and director John Elfers his filmography can be view at IMDB.com. Back in September 2015, Marcus Dunstan was confirmed as director to “Halloween Returns”. Marcus Dunstan offered some insight  to the upcoming entry to the “Halloween” franchise in an interview with Darnell Weeks. One comment in particular leads credence to the authenticity of “Halloween Returns Screen Test” footage.  Marcus Dunstan stated: 

“The coolest thing we’ve done so far is a couple motion tests of potential Michaels.”

The “Halloween Returns Screen Test” footage is straight to the point, with cut to the chase action (pun intended). The video offers a savory morsel, a compliment to the slasher Horror film made popular John Carpenter. Whether the video is an official screen test footage or a fan based production its worth the watch.

Below is the complete interview between Darnell Weeks and Marcus Dunstan.


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