Hana Dama: The Origin Arrives in The U.S.

Hana Dama: The Origin directed by Hisayasu Satō is a creatively produced J-horror film that’s focuses on  bullying. The film is about a teen woman named Mizuki that fantasizes on extracting vengeance on her bullies. “Hana Dama: The Origin” had premiered at the Fantasia Film Festival last year, now J-Horror State side fans can view Hisayasu Satō’s latest contribution the genre . Olive Films is scheduled to release the unrated version of the film in The United States. “Hana Dama: The Origin” arrives  on Blu-ray format on January 19, 2016. To Pre-order you copy click on the image below:

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“Hana Dama: The Origin” is a perfect entry for both fans and those unfamiliar with director, Hisayasu Satō’s work. Known especially on his emphasis on Pinku eiga or roughly translated as exploitation films, Hisayasu Satō’s is comparable to Canadian genre visionary and filmmaker, David Paul Cronenberg. Hisayasu Satō is a notable Japanese director for his inclusion of social commentary, issues that include  human interaction in society. Case in point “Hana Dama: The Origin” touches on bullying.


From the wild imagination of director Sato Hisayasu (Splatter: Naked Blood), one of a group of directors known as the Four Devils (who made their mark in the softcore pink film genre in the late 1980 s), comes a twisted tale of revenge via plant life in the terrifying Hana-Dama: The Origin.

Bullied Japanese high school student Mizuki (Sakuragi Rina, Girl’s Blood) has the ultimate revenge on her teenage tormentors in this horror-fest tinged with dark humor. Possessed by a powerful spirit, Mizuki sprouts a mysterious flower from her head which empowers her with deadly skills to exact revenge, with bloody consequences, against the bullying classmates led by mean girl Aya (Nakamura Eriko, August in Tokyo). Hana-Dama: The Origin features supporting performances by Shimamura Maika, Fujiwara Kei, and Asada Shun.


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