Handy Dandy, First Look Stills With Bill Moseley and Bill Oberst Jr.

Handy Dandy: Film Details DecayMag.com, Jeff Broadstreet, J.S. Brinkley, Handy Dandy

Director: Jeff Broadstreet

Writer: J.S. Brinkley

Release Date: October 31, 2018

Release Format: Streaming, Limited

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Horror

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HANDY DANDY commences at a shuttered TV studio haunted by a 200 year old dark magician known as Mr. Jolly (Oberst). Once the star of a 1960’s children’s show, Mr. Jolly has a long history of stealing living hearts from kids and adults alike in order to keep his evil puppet family alive. Tonight, as five unsuspecting intruders stumble into the puppets’ bloody lair, one brave man (Moseley) has come to face his past in the form of Mr. Jolly and stop the magician from taking any more innocent life.

Press Release

DecayMag.com, Jeff Broadstreet, J.S. Brinkley, Handy Dandy


Handy Dandy is in development. It will release Halloween this year with limited screenings at select colleges. A list of screening dates and locations will be announced at a later date. The killer puppet Horror film will star Horror veterans Bill Moseley and Bill Oberst Jr. A first look photo featuring the two actors have been released.

The Cast

Bill Moseley……Richard Crane

Bill Oberst Jr…..Mr. Jolly

Cody Renee Cameron……Abby

KateLynn E. Newberry……Josie

What comes to mind when you think about puppet horror is far from gore and brutality, yet, those words are being used to describe Handy Dandy, which is to be the first in a trilogy of films. In fact, the only film I can think of that gets close to that is David Schmoeller‘s Puppetmaster (1989), and the gore here is minimal. Most puppet horror productions expect to achieve Horror in hopes to scare the masses, but the end product is comical as the concept of killer puppets end up being child’s play. This excludes the handful of films that deliver this concept in a way that reaps terror.

With the wealth of killer doll productions in development (Annabelle 3Child’s Play reboot, etc.), Broadstreet’s Handy Dandy sounds like another toy on the shelf. The plus are Horror icons Bill Moseley and Bill Oberst Jr. They put this production in an advantage. As we know that’s only half the battle. The synopsis is interesting as it has a dark plot. Yet, the makeup of the puppets is nothing short of cute, as Oberst calls them. We will have to see how the deliverance plays out.



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