Hard Line aka Dead Rush: First-Person Zombie Horror

Hard Line / Dead Rush: Film Details

Director: Zachary Ramelan

Writer: Gavin Michael Booth, Raven Cousens, Zachary Ramelan

Release Date: March 31, 2016

Release Format: Streaming

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Comedy, Horror


Dead Rush is the end of the world as we know it, as seen through the eyes of one man – David (David Michael Moote), as he takes us through his journey: before, during and after the zombie apocalypse.

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DecayMag.com Zachary Ramelan's Hard Line aka Dead RushDid the directors for “Resident Evil’ and “Hardcore Henry” decide to come together and make a movie? If so, “Hard Line” aka “Dead Rush” is that movie.

Premise: A young girl awakes to find her father passed out in the car. She wakes up her mother. Frantic, they run. They are being chased by a zombie. The mother leaves young Amy alone. Amy comes out of hiding and witnesses her mother being attacked. She runs. She quietly tries to escape. She’s attacked.

Megan is a young woman who is suffering from a nasty rash on her shoulder. Turns out to be an infection that’s getting worse by the day. Things become clearer when Megan sends her husband, David, a frantic call for help. When he rushes to her, him and his friend, Wayne, notices residents of the town looking sick and being pursued by a squad of cops.

When David is found and rescued by a group of survivors, he learns the truth about what is going on. Everyone is being infected by an illness that’s turning them into zombies. However, things are not as they seem even in the fallout shelter, as it is revealed that the leader of the pack, Patrick is a psycho-religious maniac.


“Hard Line” aka “Dead Rush”, although familiar, is a good movie watching experience. In the Point of View (POV) of David, DecayMag.com Zachary Ramelan's Hard Line aka Dead Rushwho lost his wife to the fateful zombie virus, he himself becomes infected as well. He finds a support group of survivors, where they may be able to get their hands on a cure. But not before the zombies get to them first.

Watching “Hard Line” aka “Dead Rush” is if watching a hybrid movie of “Resident Evil” and “Hardcore Henry”. It has a Point of View (POV) feature of “Hardcore Henry”, the zombie apocalypse of “Resident Evil”, and the intense action of both. This makes for a high-speed, action-packed zombie adventure.


DecayMag.com Zachary Ramelan's Hard Line aka Dead RushThe cast performances in “Hard Line” aka “Dead Rush” are not convincing enough. It lacks authenticity. The practical effects and special effects are pretty mediocre. And, in my opinion, for a zombie movie, there weren’t enough action scenes with the zombies. I also would have liked if the film went more into the backstory of the virus that turned people into zombies. Was there a host? Was it something in the air?

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