Harvesters Crowdfunding Campaign Launched

Harvesterscrowdfunding campaign launched as expected.  “The Harvesters” is a film that’ll encompass elements of Horror, Suspense, and Thriller. This indie developed project will film and be produced in and around the great stare of Oklahoma. “The Harvesters” features a talent rich cast. The actors and actresses are; Alissa RoseLaurie CummingsAdam Hampton , Lucas Ross Lucas Ross and Andrew McDonald. Upon completion the final product will screened Nationally and/or perhaps Internationally. Dreams are grand. For the moment its laborious days and sleepless nights before the film meets completion. The process of film making poses many challenges. One of the biggest obstacles is financing. Fans, film aficionados and many in the indie community are a loyal base. Many are willing to assist the development and progression of small scale Horror films.

The crowdfunding campaign is only a few hours elder. Yet, supporters immediately descended on its Kickstarter page. Thousands of dollars in contributions have amassed for Nick Sanford‘s latest project, “The Harvesters”. For those interested in contributing towards the project, backers are rewarded  generously for donations. Incentive are offered vary depending on dollar amount given. Check out the crowdfunding page to see what the production crew offers. It could very well be a piece of Horror cinema history.

To embrace the creative direction to the film take a moment to view the opening scene posted below.  The official synopsis to “The Harvesters” reads as follows:

Jane wants to change the world with old-fashioned, hard-hitting journalism, but instead she’s covering the Founder’s Day Bake Sale for her hometown newspaper, The Baileyville Times. She has a way out: a plane ticket to New York City. But on the morning of Halloween, a young couple goes missing, and Jane sets off on an investigation that will draw her closer to her hometown — and its secrets — than she could have ever imagined.

“The Harvesters” is a project closely monitor by Decaymag.com. Its part of our continued coverage and promotion of Independent developed mediums.





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