Haunting at Foster Cabin Release In U.S., Finally..

Haunting at Foster Cabin is another indie Horror film re-branded for mass consumption. First titled “See How They Run” the project directed by Rand Vossler had more title changes. The second title to the project was; “Demon Legacy”.  The third and last title change is the current; “Haunting at Foster Cabin”

In 2014 a crowdfunding campaign established for “Demon Legacy” proved successful.  “Haunting at Foster Cabin” then know as “Demon Legacy” received $25,076. One hundred seventy three (173) backers pledged towards the production. The following are statistics based from the film’s Kickstarter page

Yet, there is some controversy surrounding this crowdfunding campaign. The Kickstarter campaign ended sometime in Feburary 2014. Backers allegedly did not receive the promised rewards. In crowdfunding ventures backers receive awards in accordance to donation amount given. Frustrated backers resorted to voicing their complaints on Kickstarter. According to IMDB.com the film “Demon Legacy” released in the U.K. on the 19th of May 2014. On the 19th of September 2014 campaign organizers finally replied to backers. They isseud the following update:

“OK EVERYONE!!!  It has taken far longer than expected, but we are finally ready to get all our backers what we promised, so over the next few weeks everyone that generously backed the project will be contacted, and the rewards will start rolling out!! Thank you for all of your patience, and support.  Demon Legacy Team.”

What transpires on this crowdfunding campaign? We’ve reached out to backers who supported the making of “Demon Legacy”. Stay tuned to DecayMag.com for updates on this alleged crowdfunding fiasco.

Haunting at Foster Cabin on VOD

Fast forward to the present..

Vision Films, in association with MTI Home Video announced “Haunting at Foster Cabin” will arrive on VOD platforms. The scheduled date of release is set for the 1st of April 2016. Is this be an April Fool’s Joke? The announcement was issued via Press Release by Vision Films. Rand Vossler is listed as the director with Bob Gill as co-director. Strangely, Gill is listed as producer to “Demon Legacy”.

The synopsis to “Haunting at Foster Cabin”:

“…tells the story of five sorority sisters who come together for a weekend getaway at the secluded family cabin of one of the friends, Michelle (Demara), who has recently gone through a difficult break-up. What starts as fun girls’ retreat quickly turns into a horrific nightmare as secrets are revealed and dark forces are released.”

Excerpt press release

The synopsis to “Demon Legacy” Reads as follows:

“In a remote mountain lodge, five sorority sisters accidentally unleash an unholy entity, and must battle evil and each other to stop it from devouring mankind.”

xcerpt IMDB.com

Lise Romanoff, Managing Director/ CEO of Vision Films stated the following on the upcoming release to “Haunting at Foster Cabin”.

“Horror continues to be a hot genre with audiences and this film definitely delivers on thrills and chills.  Who can resist a heart-pounding, fear-inducing story of a Ouija Board and a girls’ weekend-gone-wrong?”

Question remain unanswered. Why did the film take two years to reach the U.S.? Why were the crowdfunding backers oblivious of any updates? How did the film released in the U.K. without backer’s knowledge?

“Haunting at Foster Cabin” aka “Demon Legacy” is based on an original screenplay by Tracy MorseAnnaMaria Demara,  Kati SharpMichelle NunesKate Siegel star in this upcoming supernatural Horror film.

Below are a side by side comparison to the trailers for “Demon Legacy” and “Haunting at Foster Cabin”. Stay tuned for our review on:

“Demon Legacy” Official Trailers

“Haunting at Foster Cabin” Official Trailer

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