Haunting at Foster Cabin / Demon Legacy Film Analysis

Haunting at Foster Cabin Film Overview DecayMag.com Rand Vossler's Haunting at Foster Cabin aka "Demon Legacy"

Director: Rand Vossler

Writer: Tracy Morse

Release Date: May 19, 2014 (UK) April 1 2016 (USA)

Release Format: VOD

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Horror


In a remote mountain lodge, five sorority sisters accidentally unleash an unholy entity, and must battle evil and each other to stop it from devouring mankind.


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After a terrible breakup with her boyfriend, Michelle (AnnaMarie Demara) invites her sorority sisters, Veronica (Angelina Lyubomirova), Dana (Michelle Nunes), Jack (Kate Siegel), Sharon (Kati Sharp), and Kelly (Jamie Strange), to her old family cabin for a girls getaway, and to help her cope. However, letting go and coping won’t be easy for Michelle, as she is haunted with flashbacks, memories and visions of a traumatic past.

What starts as a fun night of drinking and games, turns into a fight for survival when the sisters decided to play a game of dare. This game leads to them discovering a Ouija Board hidden inside the cellar of the cabin. I’m sure you can take a good guess at where this is headed. When the sisters decided to play the Ouija Board, this, of course, leads to intense, terrifying supernatural events.

“Demon Legacy” has a new title of “Haunting at Foster Cabin”, as well as an original title of “See How They Run”.  The film looks way too familiar. The crowdfunding campaign suggests that it:

“…pays homage to it’s predecessors such as ‘The Evil Dead”.

The problem with “Demon Legacy”  is evident. The film borrows so much from “The Evil Dead” to the point where it’s a carbon copy.

The “Demon Legacy” KickStarter Campaign started in 2014. The production team received generous funding. These supporters wanted nothing more than to see this film on the big screen. The production team was able to surpass their goal of $25,000 with a total of 173 backers. Of course, rewards as standard with every KickStarter Campaign. Backers get special rewards for their contributions, depending on what level they contributed.

Yet, it seems as things didn’t go as planned and promises were broken. The “Demon Legacy” crowdfunding campaign wrapped up in February of 2014. The film then released in theaters on/or around May 2014. This proved to be a shocking discovery to the film’s backers. By this time, backers were furious and wanted answers. Supporters of the campaign didn’t receive any updates until September 2014. After a long waiting period, the production team issued the following update:

“OK EVERYONE!!!  It has taken far longer than expected, but we are finally ready to get all our backers what we promised, so over the next few weeks everyone that generously backed the project will be contacted, and the rewards will start rolling out!! Thank you for all of your patience, and support. Demon Legacy Team.”

Plot – The plot for “Haunting at Foster Cabin”“Demon Legacy” is interesting, although familiar. I think that is what draws you in for the most part. A group of friends taking a getaway at a secluded cabin turns into a fight for survival. This is an idea that has seen the light of day countless times. Yet, the idea never seems to get old. What’s more, this plot has brought us some of the best movies in the industry.

Performances – Thankfully, the cast in “Haunting at Foster Cabin” / “Demon Legacy” does a decent job in their roles. I lost count on how many movies like this have terrible actors in them. The cast can either make or break a movie; can make an experience enjoyable or dull.

Story/Execution: The “Haunting at Foster Cabin”/ “Demon Legacy” storytelling is not bad. The familiarity in turn, makes it bad. It doesn’t only take inspiration from “The Evil Dead”, it almost completely copies it. For a moment, I thought I was watching an “Evil Dead” remake or reboot. That’s how close to it this film gets. The film can be best summarized as plagiarizing a friend’s thesis. Change words around, add paragraphs in hopes that the professor won’t tell the difference.

Closing Thought
“Haunting at Foster Cabin” / “Demon Legacy” doesn’t take inspiration from “The Evil Dead”, it almost copies it. The crowdfunding campaign suggests that the film:

“…pays homage to it’s predecessors such as ‘The Evil Dead”.

The problem is that the film takes way too much from “The Evil Dead” to the point where it’s practically the same movie.

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