Head, Puppets, Slasher Comedy Arrives On  VOD

Head Film Details 

Director: Jon Bristol


Jon Bristol

J.R. Calvo ….(contributing writer)

Brian Woodman ….(contributing writer)

Release Date: July 13th, 2018

Release Format: VOD

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Horror

Running Time:  1h 1min

Social Networking: Facebook


Five twenty-somethings go for a weekend camping trip in remote New England, only to discover that the land on which they’re staying was the site of a brutal mass murder years ago.



Puppets, although not a common thread in the fabric of Horror cinema has had its impact with contributions from Full Moon. Now Terror Films is venturing into the strange and dark comedic theme with the upcoming release, Head.

In Head, Director, writer Jon Bristol created a world of puppets with human nature. The threats and cliche common with slashers are a major factor in Bristol’s film. Head pays homage to the plot that incorporates a group of persons camping at a desolated locale. What is the threat in this film? A blood-thirsty serial killer. This is an interesting concept.

Head circulated in film festivals over the past two years receiving selections and awards. This film may not appeal to this writer’s palate of Horror, but upon its release Head will certainly wow audiences.

Below is an excerpt from the press release:

Unlike the soon to be released Happy Time Murders, there are no signs of humans in HEAD, only puppets. Walking, talking, sex having, shit talking puppets – one by one, they are being murdered by a crazed killer. And as the tag line in the official poster and trailer for HEAD proclaims – “Ain’t Nothing Happy About Dead Puppets.”


FANtastic Horror Film Festival, San Diego 2015
Winner FANtastic Award Best Special Effects in a Feature




FilmSally Arlette-Garcia (special effects: puppeteer)
Jon Bristol (special effects: puppeteer)
Ben Farley (special effects: puppeteer)
Gabe Finkenstein (special effects makeup)
Mike Finland (special effects makeup)
Nick Foreman (special effects: puppeteer)
Keith Paul (special effects: puppeteer)
Manda Vasas (special effects: puppeteer)
Russ Werlebird (special effects: puppeteer)
Jim Williams (special effects: puppeteer)

FEARnyc 2016

Founder’s Award Producer of the Year

Chris Gierowski (producer)
Don’t Fuck in the Woods


Zed Fest Film Festival 2015

Festival Honor Outstanding Voice Acting Ensemble

Manda Vasas
Jon Bristol
Nick Foreman


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