Hellfest: Jennifer Chambers Lynch to Direct

Hellfest, CBS Films’ Halloween Horror Thriller

Director: Jennifer Chambers Lynch

Writers: William Penick, Chris Sey

Release Date: TBA


Hellfest has found its director. This intriguing film is on its way toward production. The CBS Films’ Halloween-themed Horror, Thriller will be directed by Jennifer Chambers Lynch, written by William Penick and Chris Sey, and produced by Gale Ann Hurd.

The synopsis:

The film is set on Halloween night at a horror theme park where a costumed killer begins slaying innocent patrons who believe that it’s all part of the show.


DecayMag.com Gale Anne HurdGale Ann Hurd and Jennifer Chambers Lynch worked together on AMC’s, The Walking Dead. Hurd is, of course, known in the Horror circuit. She’s worked on many notable titles and earned  many awards for outstanding innovation.

Jennifer Chambers Lynch is definitely not a stranger to the Horror circuit, as she’s Directed such titles as Chained, Hisss, and XX, which is currently in the filming stage of production.

“Jennifer came to us with both the passion and the vision necessary to make Hellfest a terrifying Halloween tradition much like the growing phenomenon of the theme park horror nights enjoyed by millions the world over.” 

Terry Press, President, CBS Films

I can definitely say that I am excited for Hellfest. Being a huge Halloween aficionado, I feel there are few releases inspired by this holiday. I am excited for all the new Halloween-themed movies that have been circulating.

Of course, Halloween will always be one of the best, but we need more movies like for example; Trick R Treat. 

DecayMag.com. Jennifer Chambers Lynch, William Penick, Chris Sey. "Hellfest"William Penick and Chris Sey have worked together on many occasions. Pennick and Sey lean towards Comedy and Romance films. The duo’s first Horror project appears to be Christopher Leitch’s Secrets in the Walls.

Gale Ann Hurd and Phillip Kobylanski will produce Hellfest via Valhalla Entertainment. Alex Ginno and Mark Ross are overseeing the project for CBS Films. Production will begin later this year. Stay tuned for updates.


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