Hex Media Ltd. Launches For We Are Many Anthology Film, Seeks Directors

Hex Media is a is an independent Horror film production and distribution company. Over the years Hex Media released The Unkindness of Ravens and Lord of Tears. Under development are two films in post-production. Post-production is the latter part of film development.

DecayMag.com Hex Media For We Are Many

One project Hex Media has on the slate is an anthology film titled; For We Are Many. The film project will serve as a platform for Horror filmmakers to showcase talents. Below are a few insights on For We Are Many;

Short films should be developed in consultation with the producers to DecayMag.com Hex Media For We Are Manyensure that they adhere to the points shown below.

• Length 4 – 5.30 minutes (excluding end credits.)

• Required Demon Element

• Strong Horror themes (eg. No comedy.)

• Visual Spectacle (Powerful visual or effects shot that helps the trailer.)

• Technical Skill

• Original Content

• Completed before the 1st of November 2017


For We Are Many will release in 2018. For those interested in becoming a part of this project should visit the following link: For We Are Many Project Details 

Some notable names in Horror are already locked in as director with For We Are Many and they are; Liam Regan, Brad Watson, Katie Bonham, Nicholas Vince, Frank Woodward


“We are deeply passionate about seeking out new talent in the horror genre, and helping to provide a platform for those with creative aspirations. Plenty of extremely talented filmmakers are putting out great short content, only for it to languish on YouTube.

We thought that, with a little support and collaboration, we could instead give directors the opportunity to be part of something bigger that we hope can act as a springboard for their careers – and make something pretty amazing and unique in the process.”

Lawrie Brewster, Co-Manager and Producer for Hex Media LTD.
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