Hoax Production is Confirmed, Aims September Completion

Hoax Film Details:DecayMag.com Matt Allen Hoax

Director: Matt Allen 

Writer:  Matt AllenScott Park

Release Date: TBA

Release Format: TBA

MPAA Rating:  TBA

Genre: Horror 


An investigation into a camping trip gone wrong turns into a fight for survival when a team, including a brilliant primate specialist and led by a ruthless television producer, must come to grips with the possible existence of Bigfoot.


Production has begun for the upcoming horror film, Hoax. The creature-driven Horror film is on course to finish principal photography by the 2nd of September 2016. Matt Allen and Scott Park’s film will not be under development at a major studio lot. This is a local production, filmed in and around Lake City, Colorado.

The film qualified for $160,000 in rebates and is one of many productions in development in the state of Colorado. Travis Volz, film publicist for Telluride Horror Show festival shared the following:

“The nice thing about Hoax is that the crew is almost entirely from Colorado, including the director and the producers.”

The film serves as the directorial debut for Matt Allen. Allen also co-wrote the script in a writing collaboration with Scott Park. An emphasis is on the mysterious Bigfoot. It seems logical to produce a film in Colorado about this baffling cryptid. For years, residents have wondered if such a creature is residing in the dense terrain. Photographs, eyewitness accounts and video have increased in frequency.

Let’s just hope the creature design doesn’t end up in the next exclusive report. That may be the case because William Munns is on board as special makeup effects designer. Munns is a notable contributor in the field of special effects and makeup. Midian Crosby will oversee the makeup department and costume design.

Ben Browder Hutch Dano Cheryl Texiera Shoshana Bush Brian ThompsonMax DeckerMatt Reidy, and  Anthony Ray Parker star in this upcoming not to be missed Horror film.

Stay tuned for more information on Matt Allen and Scott Park’s upcoming horror film. Till then take a moment to view the behind the scenes production stills. All images courtesy of the Official Facebook Page. You can also follow the film over on Instagram.


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