Inner Ghosts Aim To Resurrect Horror

Inner Ghosts Film Details João Alves, Paulo Leite Inner Ghosts

Director: João Alves, Paulo Leite

Writer: Paulo Leite

Release Date: TBD

Release Format: TBD

MPAA Rating: TBD

Genre: Horror

Running Time: 90 minutes


A woman who gave up on her life as a medium receives a gift from the afterlife: a device that can perform wonderful things – at a price. João Alves, Paulo Leite Inner Ghosts


Filmmakers are always looking to push the envelope within Horror cinema. Whether its digital visual or gallons of gore the genre offers notable candidates. In recent years Horror has offered some outstanding contributions. These films originated from the independent circuit.

The Horror genre is known for violence and gore. Yet, many concepts provoke thought without the use of these effects. This trend seems to be on the rise. It involves the combining of psychology with supernatural theories. Merging these two opposites can invoke some intriguing results.

With solid execution, the viewer will experience two different haunting scenarios. Will the storyline have a basis from an unhinged mental disorder? Is the narrative centered on paranormal forces? Another added feature is placing humanity as the centerpiece. Raw emotion much as in reality can trigger some thoughtless reaction. Depending on how the story unfolds this can be an asset or a negative.

This brings us to the next addition to Horror cinema, one that centers on the above descriptive. Inner Ghosts is a film under development with contributors spanning the globe. The concept is an adaptation of sciences and the paranormal. According to IMDb João Alves and Paulo Leite is spearing heading the visual narrative. The logline to Inner Ghosts reads as follows:

The key to hell lies deep in your heart João Alves, Paulo Leite Inner Ghosts

Inner Ghosts targets audiences that appreciate the psychological approach to horror cinema. To add, Alves and Leite venture into human dynamic as the narrative. Inner Ghosts conveys a message of love. If there is any human emotion that makes us as a species do crazy things it will have to be love.

The production team, Bad Behavior has spent the last two years promoting the film across social media. While the goal is to foster attention on the film much of what the film about remains a secret. João Alves, Paulo Leite Inner Ghosts


The trailer for Inner Ghosts will debut soon. Yet, DecayMag got a sneak peek at the promotional clip. The clip runs a little over one minute in length. For the provided time frame the clip offers a cornucopia of intense visuals. The psychological aspect is evident but not so much with the visuals. The narration is the added chilling effect. If the sound were more refined it would add a layer of tension. João Alves, Paulo Leite Inner Ghosts

Crowdfunding Campaign

While most of the film is complete there are many avenues to refine. Inner Ghosts will launch a Kickstarter campaign sometime in April 2017. The funding will go towards completing various levels of sound and audio production. This strategy and focus on details will propel Inner Ghosts as strong, memorable film.

In advance, the production team is offering a free e-book on music licensing for a film.

Stay tuned to DecayMag for more information and Kickstarter launch for Inner Ghosts. Till then be sure to follow Inner Ghosts across social network platforms.

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