Tentatively slated for an October 2015 release is Roger Conners’ modernization to George Romero’s 1968 film, “Night of the Living Dead”. Romero’s film was released during a time of racial tension in our nation’s history. Although “Night of the Living Dead” centered on undead cannibals, most notable is the film’s powerful social commentary. Issues such as racism and government control were expressed both rhetorically and metaphorically in Romero’s film. Today, most zombie movie productions focus on gore, violence and action sequences and lack exploration on social issues. Much as George Romero did with his directorial debut, Roger Conners aims to reflect on issues affecting modern society through his re-imagining, “Night of the Living Dead:Rebirth”.

Roger Conners penned, directs and co stars in the,“Night of the Living Dead: Rebirth” a tribute to  Romero’s classic film. In an interview earlier this year with DreadCentral, Roger Conners shared insight on his upcoming film”

This movie defined my childhood and spawned my passion for cinema in general. I am doing everything in my power to respect the source material, breathe new life into the storyline, and overall make sure that I create the best film I possibly can.

Filmed in and around  Cleveland, Ohio area “Night of the Living Dead: Rebirth” has lingered in production since mid 2014 but are closing in on a release date. “Night of the Living Dead: Rebirth” attempted to gain financial support via crowdfunding site site; Indiegogo, but unfortunately met 2% of their targeted goal. The film is a joint production between Rising Pulse Productions and Mouse Nest Productions. Aswan Harris,  Alvin Hudson, Rachel Anderson, Bradley Arner, Taylor Nelms, RJ Messenger and Roger Conners star in “Night of the Living Dead: Rebirth”.

Below is the official clip as well as promotional stills from the film “Night of the Living Dead: Rebirth” Stay tuned to for further information to Roger Conners’ “Night of the Living Dead: Rebirth” as it develops. 


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The synopsis to the film “Night of the Living Dead: Rebirth” is as follows: 

A tense visit to their family burial site quickly escalates into a fight for survival when brothers Adam and John are randomly attacked by several unknown assailants. When John is severely wounded, Adam is forced to flee the scene alone and soon crosses paths with a capable truck-driver named Ben. As night falls, the two are forced to seek refuge inside a desolate farmhouse. There, the two encounter another group of strangers who have been seeking shelter from the attacks in the cellar. Tensions quickly flare between them as opinions and prejudices begin to rise to the surface. As the night trudges on, they soon realize that their safe-haven has become a death-trap as the numbers of murderous creatures surround the farmhouse and begin to lay siege on the structure. One by one, their numbers dwindle as they face the dangers both outside the home as well as within.



  • “Night of the Living Dead: Rebirth” Facebook
  • “Night of the Living Dead: Rebirth” Indiegogo


  1. The original is a film I have to watch on Halloween as a tradition. It’s a horror film that is required viewing in my opinion.

    I think it’s cool that a tribute film is in the works and I wish them luck.


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