Intruder, Infuses Mystery with Home Invasion Concept

Intruder Film Details Travis Zariwny Intruder

Director: Travis Zariwny

Writer: Travis Zariwny

Release Date: 24 June 2016 (USA)

Release Format: Video On Demand

Genre: Horror, Thriller


During one of Oregon’s most violent storms, a young cellist seeks solitude and comfort in the safety of her large apartment, but soon realizes she might not be home alone.

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Overview: Travis Zariwny Intruder“Intruder” is not a remake nor is it to be confused with Scott Spiegel’s 1989 Horror, Thriller. Travis Zariwny penned and served as director to the 2016 release;”Intruder”. Released on the 24th of June via video on demand the film is a unique expression of the home invasion concept.

Most films delving within the home invasion sub-genre express high tension story telling. An emphasis on horror and (in some cases) carnage are key aspects. Yet, Zariwny strays away from conventional foundations. “Intruder” instead recalibrates the home invasion concept by employing Mystery and Thriller. The story establishes itself within the opening minute to Act I.

A stormy evening provides a foreboding backdrop. A woman, home alone speaks with a friend Travis Zariwny Intruderover the telephone. The scene cuts to a clever angle to display a shadow figure lurking within the home. The intruder pounced on the victim, suffocating the woman with a plastic bag.

From this point onward Zariwny shifts the story direction. Focus lies on Elizabeth, an attractive Cellist. Elizabeth lives alone in an apartment in a quiet Oregon neighborhood. Scottish-born actress Louise Linton portrays the lead to”Intruder”. Unbeknown to Elizabeth, a calculated invader stalks her within her own home. The predator is distinguished only by the outline of a dark poncho. The entity observes his prey while hidden in the shadows.

The identity to this calculated predator is unknown. Zariwny delivers a supporting cast of questionable characters. Each has distinct personalities that keep the viewer deducing motives. Musician turned actor Moby portrays the asshole music conductor, VincentAaron Trainor delivers the role of a mysterious vagrant named Chester. John Robinson performs the role of a young nondescript guy, John

Which one of these personalities is the prime suspect?

Pros: Travis Zariwny Intruder“Intruder”  is a slow paced Mystery, Thriller. The film is a distinguished expression of the home invasion concept. While classifies “Intruder” as a Horror, Thriller. It is the latter that contributes the most with aesthetics. Travis Zariwny provides a refreshing approach to the Horror genre.

The acting is above satisfactory. Yet, there is not much to base a critique against. With character development, the protagonist remains unchanged from Act I to Act III. The portrayal of suspects Vincent, Chester and John were notable for cloaking the villain.

As for the production value, “Intruder” is a well-conceived product. Employed with creative effect are the various transitions, lighting, and cameras work. The film is a construct of a professional vision and quality.


“Intruder” may or may not appeal to enthusiasts of Travis Zariwny Intruderthe home invasion sub-genre. Writer, director Travis Zariwny offers a different course than traditional examples. The female protagonist is not a kick-ass retaliator. The lone threat does not exhibit homicidal tendencies. Audiences are not presented with a cat and mouse game of survival. Lacking is the edge-of-your-seat terror. Note above is a mere preference toward aesthetic and narration to this style of Horror cinema. Travis Zariwny IntruderThe pace is repetitive and after the first couple of sequences watching the invader stroll throughout the home, it loses its effect. “Intruder” employs a final reveal that is common with Slasher whodunit films. The culprit and his nefarious deeds unveil within the latter part of ACT III.  “Intruder” looses it’s mystic at this point. Disappointment does not dwell with the reveal. Instead, it is the closing scene that is lackluster.

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