Janel Tanna Boldly Explores Science Fiction Genres

Janel Tanna’s acting finesse will be showcased on the upcoming science fiction film Saturn’s Window. Based on the shared titled novel published in 2015.

Quanah Jay Hicks penned the novel. He serves as the director and adapting the screenplay. Tanna stars as Cora Cadence, a principal figure to the storyline. Saturn’s Window is under production with a proposed release set for 2017.

Tanna also possesses a recurring part in the science fiction based web-series Renegades. The fan-funded project borrowing from The Star Trek narrative. Aside from her outstanding accomplishments in these fields Tanna also serves as creative writer. This, in addition to working behind the scenes as a film producer. Her composition on the Drama Sienna’s Choice won Best Screenplay Hudson Valley Film International Festival in August 2016. The went on to secure Best Film at the Groove Film Festival.

“I worked really hard on my acting for Sienna’s Choice in particular since she was going through a physical and mental decline”

Janel Tanna

DecayMag.com Janel Tanna

The above-mentioned projects are only a few attributes to Tanna’s ever expanding career. Her contributions to the Science fiction and Horror are praiseworthy. Genre enthusiasts should be excited to see Tanna’s professional journey in the upcoming years. The attractive, accomplished actress possesses remarkable education. Her disciplines include;

• Meisner Technique under James Brill of the Neighborhood Playhouse
• Trained in method acting at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute
• Character preparation under Carl Ford at Susan Batson Studios

Below are a collection of Tanna’s commendations. Tanna’s highlight honor;
Best Actress- Vancouver FilmDance International Film Festival-Canada 2017

Horror has many related sub-categories. Psychological fears centered either from social or paranormal conditions are conceptions that can compliment Tanna’s acting. Picture her abilities flourishing as a principal thought-provoking antagonist. The suggestion is intriguing.

Stay tuned to DecayMag.com. We’ll be featuring an upcoming interview with Janel Tanna. Topics will include her work on Saturn’s Window and her venture into Horror and science fiction.

1. Awards

Best Actress- Vancouver FilmDance International Film Festival-Canada 2017

Best Actress in a Feature Film (tie)-Velvet Rope Film Festival, California 2016

Best Actress in a Feature Film-Los Angeles Independent Film Festival 2016

Best Actress in a Feature Film-Grove Film Festival, New Jersey 2016

Best Actress in a Feature Film-Hollywood Pictures Film Festival, Sept 2016

Best Actress in a Feature Film- Hollywood Bvd Film Festival-Aug. 2016

Best overall Film-Sienna’s Choice, Grove Film Festival 2016

Best Screenplay-Writer and lead Actor-HVIFF 2016

Feature Film Savior-Winner of Best Feature Film, Mount Vernon Film Festival 2015

2. Nominations

Best Actress in a Featurette-Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema 2017

Best Actress in a Short Film-Hudson Valley International Film Festival 2016

Best Actress in a Long Short Film-Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival 2017

Best Actress in a Short Film-Brightside Tavern Shorts Fest-2017

Best Supporting Actress in a Feature Film-Mount Vernon Film Festival 2015

Best Actress in a Feature Film-Sutter Creek Film Festival, California 2016

Best Ensemble Cast-Lead Actress-Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema 2017

Best Ensemble Cast-Lead Actress- Hudson Valley International Film Fest. 2016

Best Screenplay, Mount Vernon Film Festival 2015;

Best Short Feature Film (Sienna’s Choice) -Buffalo Dreams Film Festival, Buffalo, NY 2016  If Only For a Moment-Cannes Short Film Section 2017


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