Jason Eisener Turns Comic to Film

Jason Eisener To Direct Film Adaptation New York City Outlaws

Director: Jason Eisener

Writers: Bryan Connolly, Zack Carlson


New York City Outlaws is currently being slated for a film adaptation.

DecayMag.com Jason Eisener
Jason Eisener

The comic franchise released in 1984 and published five issues. The comics are written by Bob Huszar, with art by Ken Landgraf, and published by Outlaw Comics.

Jason Eisener, director of Hobo With A Shotgun will direct the comic-based film adaptation, which is currently in development and slated for 2018. Bryan Connolly (Rewind This!) and Zack Carlson (ABC’s Of Death 2) will serve as the writers of the project. Connolly and Carlson are also known for the upcoming Comedy, Drama, Horror Destroy. Producing the project will be Rhombus Media (Possessor, Into The Forest).

Jason Eisener is also known for V/H/S 2 (director), Grindhouse (writer), and Treevenge (director). Hobo With A Shotgun has to be one of his most notable films and actually relates to New York City Outlaws in a lot of ways.

DecayMag.com Hobo With A Shotgun Jason Eisener
Hobo With A Shotgun Dir. Jason Eisener

Rutger Hauer stars as the Hobo, a homeless man who turns into a vigilante to rid the town of violence and corruption, as well as corrupt cops, robbers, and pedophiles. His dons a 20-gauge shotgun goes on a mankind rampage and proceeds to instill justice, one body at a time.



New York City Outlaws will center around a group of vigilantes who join forces to rescue NYC from total anarchy during a prolonged police strike.

When you compare New York City Outlaws and Hobo With A Shotgun, you see the resemblance: corrupt cops and corruption in the city. This group of vigilantes, just like the Hobo, band together to save their city.

Given the success of his films, Jason Eisener would definitely be a good choice for New York City Outlaws. I like the special effects in Hobo With A Shotgun, and wouldn’t mind seeing that style of filming for NYC Outlaws as well.

Not much information is known at this time, as the project is still in development and production has not yet begun. New York City Outlaws is slated for 2018 release.


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