Jason Wright of Silent Studios Productions Offers Company Insights

Jason Wright, CEO / Creative Director at Silent Studios Productions Interview 

DecayMag.com posted the press release to “Zombie Playground” in late December 2015. This film is the latest release from Horror themed production company Silent Studio Productions. The following interview is part of our follow-up coverage on the film “Zombie Playground” and the company behind impressively frightening mediums. Silent Studio Productions offers short films, videos and facilitate in various aspects of film production. the central theme is Horror. With a passion being a driving force among the team  Silent Studio Productions has grown to be an  influential force in the genre. Based in England,  Silent Studio Productions has a notable list of influential clients to their name including; WB Games, HBO, Xbox One and DeepSilver. Below is a glimpse to the Silent Studio Productions portfolio.

Facilitated by our Staff Correspondent, Stacy Cox questions were issued via email. Jason Wright, CEO / Creative Director at Silent Studios Productions, The Digital Dead Magazine and Dead Silent Publishing discusses current projects, future ventures and the company as a whole.

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DecayMag: You have certainly had a successful career. From 2011 until now you have been involved in a lot of projects, with even more projects coming up in 2016 and 2017. What would you say is your favorite project and why?

Jason Wright: Silent Studios Productions has been involved in a lot of projects and I think directing the UK Resident Evil 6 commercial is one of my favourites as we had over 100 people on set for a one day shoot so very challenging but also very rewarding for all involved.

DecayMag: From the looks of your projects, you seem to take a very high interest in zombies. “Zombie Playground: Ice Scream”, “Infected”, “Zombikini”, among several other films. What is it about the Zombie genre attracts you?

Jason Wright: I love horror in general so we do more than just zombies like our new feature film is called Torture, Hostel Vs Saw type film. I do love the zombie genre and have a lot more zombie projects in the making as well so keep your eyes peeled on our social media pages.

DecayMag: You have also acted in quite a few movies as well. “Jengo Hooper”, “The Vicious Dead”, “Essex Boys: Law of Survival”, just to name a few. Which role would you say you liked the best? Which role would you say was the most challenging? Which role is the most memorable to you?

Jason Wright: I do a lot of extra and acting work and each job has its challenges. I don’t have a favourite as such but love the costume fitting days so that can be exciting as you could be anything from a medieval warrior to a storm trooper you just don’t know until the day.  

DecayMag: You have quite a few films to be released in the near future. “Zombikini”, “Virus of the Dead”, “Blaze of Glory”, “Contamination”. “Zombie Playground:  Ice Scream” appears to be your most current project soon to be released in the new year. Would you care to elaborate more on the film? What the film is about? What inspired the film?

Jason Wright: Zombie Playground Ice Scream is a short to show a bit about the potential feature we are looking at with zombie children in. The short is currently out in the film festivals around the world and has been shown on Channel 4 as a small documentary on The Tiny Tots Talent Agency. We thought we would release a film about zombie children as it seemed to have been a taboo subject in the past so we hope the short is received well and then we can plan the feature for the future. We are currently filming our first feature Torture which should be completed by August and then off to edit for release in 2017. Zombikini is another feature we are starting this year to hopefully release in 2017 as well so we do have a lot to do but in the end we are doing something we love.

DecayMag: So, I’m checking out the Silent Studios production site, and I see there is a lot going on and the organization is involved in a lot of projects. Would you care to share what all the organization offers?

Jason Wright: Silent Studios Productions is a one stop shop for horror so we have everything within our company from zombies for hire, props, costume designers and manufacture, production team, photographers, special photographic booths and green screen arenas, scare actors, sfx makeup artists and the list goes on so no matter how big or small the job is just send us an email from the website and we will see what we can do.

DecayMag: When I look at all of the projects on the site, included in the portfolio, I can see a lot of involvement with zombie films. Not to mention having a specialty team dedicated to zombie projects, called Team Zombie. Would you the organization steer away from its specialty into other concepts (ghosts,  demons etc…)?

Jason Wright: We do a lot more than just zombies as mentioned before. We have in the past worked with WB Games on Shadow of Modor and HBO on Game of Thrones so not always zombies but jobs with a horror theme and in some cases extreme fantasy / sci-fi where we can help. We are always looking to expand our portfolio and skill set so happy to consider all kinds of jobs within the TV, Film and Media world.

DecayMag: Speaking of teams, I see you have different teams in the organization. Team Zombie, Core Team, Dead Gory SFX, Silent Studios Production Team, and the Actors and Extras. Can you explain what each team does?

Jason Wright: We have a lot of support within Silent Studios Productions so we try to just show some of the teams we have within the organisation and as an example Team Zombie are the zombies to hire so most are self-explanatory. We also have a services area showing some of the services we offer which also give the client and customer a better idea of what we do.

DecayMag: The Digital Dead Magazine is currently in its 7th Issue. Would you care to elaborate on the content of the magazine? How often is it published? How can fans get a hold of it?

Jason Wright:  The Digital Dead is a quarterly magazine which delivers horror news from around the world. Issue 7 has some great content including interviews with directors from Shed of the Dead, Anger of the Dead and actor Jon Campling from Zombie Playground: Ice Scream. We also have an interview with Chanel Ryan and Emma Lock. Plus as a special interview with doctor Frankenstein himself from Penny Dreadful Harry Treadaway and lots more. The magazine is available on both Magzter.com and Joomag.com.

DecayMag: There is a lot of artwork on the production site.  Is this artwork solely the creative ideas behind Silent Studios Production?

Jason Wright: There is a photo section on the website where we upload our latest artwork that has been taken and edited by members and supporters of Silent Studios Productions.  

DecayMag: “Zombie Playground: Ice Scream” was released in 2016. Was it a theatrical release? Or did it go straight to DVD? Will this be a limited released in select cities? Or will it be a worldwide release?

Jason Wright: Zombie Playground: Ice Scream is a short film that is currently travelling the world going to selected film festivals. It has already been received well in many festivals and has also won an award so we are now looking to do a feature film called Zombie Playground in the future. In terms of the short film we have not decided on other forms of release at this point in time.

DecayMag: Silent Studios Productions is located in Hampshire, and currently have divisions in Essex and Grimsby. Are there any plans to expand further in the future?

Jason Wright: We do have some explanation plans to places abroad but we are still in the planning stages at the moment so once we are ready we will send out press releases for that.

 Closing comments:

Jason Wright: We do love horror and hope all the horror fans in the world get behind some of our projects and others projects that we mentioned through our magazine. To support us you can find us on facebook, twitter and other social media outlets so please visit the website and if you have any questions, queries or job requirements use the contact us area and send us an email today. Thanks again to everyone involved and supporting Silent Studios Productions.


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