Jeremy Garner’s “All Hell Breaks Loose”

Jeremy Garner’s “All Hell Breaks Loose” Film Details

Director: Jeremy Garner

Writer:  Vocabulariast (as Jacy Morris)

Release Date: 22nd March  2016

Release Format: DVD,  Digital HD

MPAA Rating: Unrated

Horror Sub-Genre: Grindhouse, Comedy, Supernatural


A story of love, leather … and brutal violence! When the Satan’s Sinners, a vicious biker gang, attack a bride and groom on their wedding day, they get a fight they never imagined. Now, armed with some divine intervention and firepower, the murdered groom is out to save his wife any way he can before she is sacrificed to Satan… even if it means dying over and over again until the job is done.

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The following review is a exclusive via Wide Eye Releasing.

Director Jeremy Garner offers the viewer a tongue-in-cheek reel. “All Hell Breaks Loose”  is a melange of good and horrid film making. Yet, this presentation plays well for the intended medium it emulates. The film pays homage to the exploitation era of Horror films. Many of our readers are young enough to remember any number of films on the above mentioned genre. All the substandard acting and cheesy dialogue are present within “All Hell Breaks Loose”. Also featured is an the overabundance of senseless gore.  As Horror connoisseurs the latter serves much interest.

“All Hell Breaks Loose” features all the above and does it convincingly. Comedic elements and Horror treats the viewer, in turn they’ll can forgive flaws presented. The film is worthy of a watch for most Horror connoisseurs. Its possible “All Hell Breaks Loose” may be an atrocious film for the average Horror viewer.


The plot focuses on the protagonist Nick. This young newlywed is murdered by a Motorcycle gang know as “Satan’s Sinners”. He returns from the dead with help from of a mysterious cowboy/entity. With new-found life Nick tries, and tries and tries to rescue his wife from the clutches of the biker gang. “All Hell Breaks Loose” offers a concept that treads on James O’Barr’s comic book series.  Yet, screenwriter Vocabulariast ventures into outrageous comedy thus creating an creation of its own.

“All Hell Breaks Loose” is an indie production with a small financial budget. Yet, attention went into the practical effects department. The gore and spectacles of carnage shines in this film. Throughout the ninety minute running time the viewer witnesses exploding heads and severed limbs. This aspect alone merits acclaim for the film. In fact, it’s the only visual strong point.


“All Hell Breaks Loose” begins with the typical slasher horror set up. Teens engaged in sexual activity with alcohol in rotation. Within minutes this group of unsuspecting revelers fall victim to a demonic biker gang. The viewer is engaged! Within the scenes that follow the tonality changes. “All Hell Breaks Loose” becomes “All Action turns to ZZZ’s”. There’s no story-line value for what’s presented. By omitting these unnecessary presentations the film can be an enjoyable condensed experience.

The acting is what you’d expect from a low budgeted indie production. The portrayals of the cast of characters is unsatisfactory on multiple levels. Yet, their performances either on purpose or by design elevates the grindhouse/exploitation film aesthetic.

In closing:

“All Hell Breaks Loose” can be best compared to a trending internet video. It’s one of those “what the hell am I watching? Why can’t I look away?” scenarios. The film is horrible but in an entertaining way. Director Jeremy Garner emulates every trait from the exploitation era of Horror films. The film will work well as an entertainment medium to some. Other viewers may want to wish for their ninety minutes of life back. If elements of gore and comedy piques your interest “All Hell Breaks Loose” is a film to watch. Yet, if well structured horror films meet your appetite don’t waste your time with this film.

DVD Release Information

Wild Eye Releasing will is scheduled to release The DVD  to Jeremy Garner’s “All Hell Breaks Loose” on the 22nd of 2016.  Exclusive content includes a feature-length commentary with director Jeremy Garner and deleted scenes. The DVD will retail for $19.95.

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