Joe Ahearne Checks In With Hate and Terror With Themed Thriller B&B

Joe Ahearne’s B&B Film Details Joe Ahearne B&B

Director: Joe Ahearne

Writer: Joe Ahearne

Release Date: Fall 2017

Release Format: DVD/VOD

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Thriller

Running Time: 1h 27min


Gay Londoners Marc and Fred plan for a weekend of mischief, baiting the Christian owner of a remote Christian B&B. Events take a deadly turn when another guest arrives, who they think might have something more sinister in mind. Joe Ahearne B&B


Horror and Thrillers are distinguished for presenting a stage for social commentary. This defining attribute is what set these themes apart from other genres. Classic Horror film reverberates to this day with though provoking material that complicated social life in past times.
Today, filmmakers are conscious about infusing controversy and commentary within narratives. Slated for release in Fall 2017 is a film that travels on hostilities against LGBT community. Filmmaker Joe Ahearne makes his feature film debut with B&B. Ahearne addresses a compelling message that combines terror and modern judgments. Joe Ahearne B&B

The latest

Breaking Glass Pictures acquired the North American rights to Joe Ahearne’s thriller B&B. The film will release in October 2017 in a limited run across cinemas. Distribution follows with DVD/VOD distribution. B&B is currently in film festival circulation it received its North American premiere at the MiFo LGBT Film Festival and the Out Film CT Festival. B&B will screen next at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival in August. Ahearne’s production earned awards at the following film festival events;

London Independent Film Festival

Best LGBT Feature


Accolade Competition 2017

Award of Excellence Special Mention Feature Film

A trailer and more information will release in the months to come.

“I’m excited Breaking Glass is bringing B&B to North America where the religious right are having an even harder time swallowing our rights than in the UK”

“But be warned: you might think you know how a gay thriller on such a liberal hot issue will play out, but like our heroes, you’d be wrong.”

Joe Ahearne Director, Writer B&B

“Combining a jab at Christian hypocrisy with a glorious homage to the brilliance of classic Hitchcock, writer/director Joe Ahearne has crafted a witty, yet suspenseful thriller that is both entertaining and terrifying”

“We can’t wait to introduce this film to US audiences.”

Richard Ross, Co-President of Breaking Glass.


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