John Williams’ Dark  Film Details



Release Date: Available now on Youtube

Release: 31 of January 2015

MPAA Rating: n/a

Horror Sub-genre: Paranormal

Synopsis: A man confronts his demons..literally.


Youtube contains a plethora of Horror short films, often times while shifting through it all you’ll discovered a gem of a production. This is exactly what occurred when Director John Williams contacted to review his horror short film titled “Dark”. Released on YouTube earlier this year “Dark” is one of those horror short films that have gone unnoticed by most.  Realistically, the horror short film should’ve reached trending status just for its production value alone.

The fact that “Dark”  didn’t garnered the attention merited is a travesty in itself. From the its opening frame John Williams’ “Dark”  engages the audience with a blend of multiple genres. Suspense, psychological Thriller and Horror are encapsulated symmetrically within the horror short film. “Dark”centers on a man tormented by mysterious disappearance of his daughter, the life changing event fuels desire to confronting his demons..literally. The story is presented  in under-fifteen minutes of running time and can be viewed in its entirety via the link above.


John Williams’ “Dark” is pitched as having a production budget of zero with filming occurring over the course of two days.  However, the final product bears no evidence of a cheap, hastily made production. Simple, that is what the Horror short film “Dark” predominately offers the audience thought plot, concept and application. However, it is simplicity that elevates the film into a realm of realistic horror. The acting was phenomenal and it is mainly attributed to the emotional responsiveness of the protagonist. Strategic cinematic compositions aided in the atmospheric tension of the film, offering signs of above average concepts. Lastly, the use of special effects were subtle and eloquently used to help foster a sense of uncertainty and dread.


While the Horror short film “Dark” has its merits there were only but a couple of errors that causes friction against the overall production. Firstly, the names given within the reporter’s monologue was difficult to understand.  Since the reporter provides insight to the overall story, the added benefit of overlays commonly seen in news reports could’ve reinforced the scene and the overall story greatly. Secondly, John Williams’ “Dark” transverses genres, but unfortunately one particular horror cliche reared its ugly head. In order avoid spoiling the viewing experience for others, we’ll simply comment that the creepy doll concept is tired and unoriginal.

Final Verdict:

Overall, John Williams’ “Dark” is a reason to enjoy and promote the indie Horror film circuit. The film is a testament that a big budget and computer driven effects are not necessary in bringing a concept to life. “Dark” is a highly recommended horror short film, feel free to watch if via the link provided above.



On a side note: extends its thanks to John Williams for contacting us via Facebook, and awarding us the opportunity to conduct a review to his Horror film short;”Dark”. 


Rating Criteria:

  • 0-10 Avoid
  • 11-20- Mediocre
  • 21-30 -Good
  • 31-40 – Average
  • 41-50- Decent
  • 51-60 – Stunning
  • 71-80 – Must See
  • 81-90 – Amazing
  • 91-100 – Impressive


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