Joseph R. Davis & Brian Gerson’s “Tender” Debut

Joseph R. Davis & Brian Gerson are the the directors to the upcoming Horror short film “Tender”. Davis and Gerson’s collaborative directorial work centers on the screenplay written by Steven Rodgers. The plot is an eye opener towards a practice all too common in modern society, blind dating. (Pun Intended.)

The film offers the classic girl meets boy scenario and presents it in unique way. Offered within the film is a worse case circumstance on blind dating. As with most horror movies, “Tender” provides a glimpse on one of the many dangers society ignores. The story presented also dwells on the timeless quote: Be wary of the wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing”.

The official synopsis to the Horror short film “Tender” is absent from the IMDB page. Yet, the film can be best summarized as:

Dire consequences develop for a single woman who engages on date with a stranger.

On December 2015, was the first to, if not one of the first to review this contribution to indie Horror. On Tuesday the 9th of February 2016 the horror short “Tender” will premier to the general public. Log on to PROco PROduction coMPANY and be one of the first to view this Horror short film.

The Horror short film, “Tender”stars: Ryan Demarest, Evan Cassidy, Littlefoot, and Joyce Hall.

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