Kazeem Molake’s Accelerating Slasher Found Footage Film

Kazeem Molake’s “Prom Ride” offers an intriguing concept for the viewer. This upcoming film touches on different Horror sub-genres. Present are elements of a teen slasher, Thriller and Mystery. “Prom Ride” also transverse into Found Footage territory. The film is the Horror feature debut for veteran television producer, Kazeem Molake. Molake also penned the script to and serves as executive producer for”Prom Ride”

“Prom Ride” manifested from a passion towards the Horror genre. The film offers a visual palette of carnage and mayhem. Yet, the underlying ambition is with presenting a new Horror antagonist. DecayMag.com received the press release for “Prom Ride” earlier today. Contained within are Kazeem Molake’s insights towards the film.

“…I also wanted to shoot a film that takes place in one location.  Teens on their way to prom, trapped in a limo, seemed like a cool idea…”

Molake reflects his goal within the Horror genre with the following statement.

“…I’ve always been a fan of the teen horror/thriller/slasher genre and wanted to create my own iconic killer in the tradition of Freddy Kruger and Jason Voorhees.  And I named my killer’s mask the Vanity Mask, as the idea behind it is for his victims to see themselves one last time before they meet their demise…”

“Prom Ride” Cast

This upcoming Slasher / Found Footage concept also marks a debut for actress Ariella Rose. Rose stars along side Horror movie veterans that include: Heather Paige Cohn, Noah Nevins, Victoria Levine, Joseph RichJoi Liaye, Deanna Pak, and Byron Thomas.

Final Thoughts

“Prom Ride” is a film to look out for. The ever-changing Horror, Thriller landscape is a result of aspiring visionaries. The trailer below feature a group of reveling high school seniors embarking on a journey to the prom. The ritualistic celebration takes a morbid turn with unforeseen circumstance. The limo is hijacked by Jigsaw-esque voiced adversary. What does the future have in store for these trapped individuals?

Lise Romanoff, Managing Director and CEO of Vision Films stated the following:

“There hasn’t been a good prom horror movie since ‘Carrie’ [2013] and we’ve timed this one perfectly—right on the brink of prom season.”

“Prom Ride” is scheduled to release on the 15th of March 2016 on DVD and Blu-Ray.

The synopsis to “Prom Ride” Reads as follows:

Their senior prom was to be a night of elegance, rejoicing and celebrating, but when a psychotic killer hijacks their stretch limo, the teens are tortured while being held hostage. Soon they turn on each other for survival. By the end, we learn that one of the teens had been keeping a secret that played a bigger role in their demise.



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