Last American Horror Show B-Movie Stylized Anthology Film

Last American Horror Show Film Details

Director: Michael S. Rodriguez


Release Date:  early 2017

Release Format: Blu-ray, DVD and VOD

MPAA Rating: Unrated

Horror Sub-Genre: Anthology


  • NIGHT OF THE SEA MONKEY: When a young boy’s mail order pet fails to hatch it is washed down the sink only to reprise weeks later. Now mean, mutated and thirsty for blood. Starring: Lynn Lowry, Joe Mannetti and Rob Edwards.
  • LAMB FEED: When overconfident businessman Mitchell Barnes gets a blowout in a quaint sleepy town all seems normal until he asks the community for a helping hand…What Mitchell gets instead is an invite to the darkest realm of his own fears…An invite to the Lamb Feed. Starring: Robert Allen Mukes, Tyler Gallant and Meghan Chadeayne.
  • HOMEWRECKED: During a quaint dinner with Nora’s father, an urgent knock at the door interrupts an intense discussion between Rick and his father-in-law. A young woman in distress pleads to enter the couple’s home, insistent that her life is in danger. We come to find out it is a ploy for a violent home invasion robbery. As Rick is bound and taunted by three drug-addled maniacs, he is asked to make a decision… Your loved one’s lives or what’s in the safe? The disturbing trail of events sends Rick over the edge, and his silent rage awakens a lost soldier… a soldier that was and remains a killing machine. Starring: John Wells, Dale Miller, Timothy Patrick Quill and Meghan Chadeayne.

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Trailer Analysis: 

American Horror Show Still_a

The trailer for “The Last American Horror Show” is four minutes, twenty seconds.  This awards ample time to present the three shorts comprising the film. A view at the first story begins after  the opening title sequence. A grind-house stylized presentation greets the viewer. The overlay sets the tone for seventies B-movie acting and cringe-worthy portrayals. No need to channel attention to kitten videos just yet. This short film is an execution with a clear purpose. The aim is to replicate the tonality of films from the seventies/eighties era.

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A young boy pleas with his father and/or grandmother to buy him a mail order toy. The young man described the item as:

“..a sea creature that you could take care of.”

The manufacturer’s address offers a hint of the horrifying outcome. The zipcode ends in the devilish numeral sequence; 666. Also offered is a morbid advisory printed on the advertisement . There’s a sense of deja vu while viewing these chain of events. Viewers can already summarize the malicious intent this item will offer. One can also deduce the forthcoming gore-centric presentation. The sequences that follow are random inter-cuts. Through the barrage of footage a family battles a chupacabra looking creature.

This is the trailer for the first entry to “The Last American Horror Story” titled “Night of The Sea Monkey”

What this mini trailer could have done without is the eight seconds worth of film festival merits. Superimposed on screen were an assortment of crests.  Sure, the accolades demand exhibition. Yet the insert cries/begs audiences to view the film. The perfect metaphor can be that cute puppy dog jumping and barking at the pet shop window.

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Large vast are brewing on an industrial oven. Can you smell what this trailer is cooking? Superimposed on screen is the following:

“Now and then the folks at Lambshire throw a get together.”

Followed by several text messages on screen. Presented is a man knocking on the door to a home. Stillness surrounds the anxious shirt and tie donned individual. Within the upcoming scene is a young woman, disheveled and bound by chains. She grabs a hammer from the table before her.  It’s obvious what the central theme to this segment is. Freshen up, its time to dine.  This is Lamb’s Fed!

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Fade Last American Horror Show

An SUV pulls up to a suburb home. A woman sets her groceries on the kitchen counter. The woman’s husband is at her side as they discuss dinner plans. The next established shot finds a suspicious couple planning  some dastardly deed. Friends join the couple for a dinner get-together.  Yet, some uninvited guests will be joining the festivities. “Home-wrecked” is a home invasion segment. Hostages are at the mercy of their assailants. Yet, for one man this is his platform to engage as the soldier he trained to be.

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“The Last American Horror Show” is a brew of B movie acting and presentation enveloped in gore rich visuals. The trailer to this film offer pros and cons. Yet, most of all it conjures curiosity. Stay tuned to for further updates on “The Last American Horror Show”.



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