Last, The: Crowdfunding Campaign

 Last, The. Production Details

Director: Matthew Barber

Writer: Nathaniel Barber

Release Date: TBA


A terminally ill man spends his last days coping with death and struggles to undo his past sins. While headed to a remote location he stumbles upon a woman. The two become stranded hundreds of miles from civilization. Secrets and lies quickly force them to be suspicious of each other’s intentions. They soon discover that they are not alone. Something dark lives in the woods. Something not human and when it arrives there will be no survivors in its wake.


“The Last” is currently in pre-production with cast and crew establishing. Nathan Barber writer, producer for “The Lost” set up an Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign with hopes of attaining adequate funding towards his venture. At press time, the production nears $1,500. The campaign is set to $16,000 goal. There are only 20 days left in the campaign. The film is marketed as:  

“….a throwback to classic horror films like The Evil Dead and Universal Monster movies of the 1930’s-50’s….”

“The Last” has high hopes and competition if its purpose is to live up to these timely classics.

“….At the core of the film, it explores the darkest corners of fear and horror as it follows a manʼs journey through the last moments of his life. What would you do if your time was up?”

This, of course, is a very good introduction and question. The elements of these old classics, alongside the minds of Hitchcock and Michael Crichton are attention-grabbing sellers.

“What would you do if your time was up?”

This is a question that’s asked quite a lot in the horror arena. Heck, this question is what the horror genre is all about. You’re in a constant struggle against something…or someone. Putting yourself in that situation and scenario. Putting ourselves into the mind of a victim, we can sit here and ponder and speculate what we, ourselves, would do. This cinematic foreplay exercise is what makes horror movies exciting: putting yourself in the place of the victim; putting yourself in the place of the killer; playing out possible scenarios in your own mind. The team of “The Last” already had me sold on this  very important yet psychological question.

“This story revolves around a terminally ill man and his final days on Earth. Then he encounters a monster. Lies, mysteries, and the mortality that we will all face are explored in the darkness of the woods from which there seems to be no escape.”

Screenwriter, Nathaniel Barber Nathaniel Barber , Matthew Barber "The Last"The teaser trailer for “The Last”, ( posted above), is pretty dramatic and intense. Posed are  questions that cannot be answered solely on the trailer alone. A man is frantic and running from…something. What is he running from? Why is he running? This, alone intrigues. You want to know more. Of course, we will just have to wait until the film releases. This is where generous backers co

The synopsis and teaser trailer are definitely an attention-grabber. I’m a fan of the “man vs. nature” subculture. These kinds of films usually poses a great deal of intensity, not only visually, but psychologically. “The Last” certainly aims to be a psychological masterpiece. On the flip side, the last film that assumed to “pay homage” to “The Evil Dead”, ended up being a spin-off of the original film. Let’s hope that isn’t the case with director Matthew Barber’s “The Last”, and that he actually brings something fresh and original to the scene.

The Cast

Kayla Holland – Actress (“The Lawmen”)

Juan Carlos  Enriquez – Film Composer (“Furious 7”, “Robocop” “Deep  Web”)

The Perks

Perks are rewarded for those who choose to donate a pledge and support. The pledge amounts range between $5 to $5,000. Depending on how much you pledge, you can reap benefits as personal as a sincere “Thank you” from the production team. Every dollar counts, so be sure to visit “The Last” crowdfunding page and support the campaign and make this film into a successful finished product.

Budget Breakdown

All money raised will go towards the production of “The Last”, in the following categories:

Equipment – 57%

Cast/Crew/Music – 30%

Food/Lodging – 10%

Transportation – 3

Production for “The Last” is set to begin in January 2017 in Tishomingo, Oklahoma.



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