Levenger Tapes: Mark Edward Robinson’s Horror-Thriller

Levenger Tapes Film Details

Director: Mark Edward RobinsonDecayMag.com Mark Edward Robinson's The Levenger tapes

Writer: Mark Edward Robinson

Release Date: July 5th, 2016

Release Format: VOD DVD

MPAA Rating: Rated R

Horror Sub-Genre: Horror, Thriller


Detectives in a remote town pore through every frame of a troubling tape to find the whereabouts of three missing college students. The chilling footage becomes more and more disturbing when the students come upon the bloody dress of an 8-year-old girl in the secluded wilderness and take it upon themselves to find her. Linking the case of the missing girl and the missing students together, the detectives race to piece enough information together to find them alive.

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Trailer Summary

“The Levenger Tapes” trailer opens up with a person playing a tape recording. We then see a couple of very blurry, distorted scenes. Some detectives are talking. We see another sequence of distorted images. We see a young couple in the woods, possibly “an old burial ground”, as mentioned by the young man.

The words “When three students disappeared, their footage was found” flashes on the screen. The detectives linger, talking about the case. We revisit the young couple in the woods. Weird things are happening. The words “Every moment is crucial” flashes on the screen, followed by the detectives actively engaging the case.

The words “Every frame is a clue” flashes on the screen, followed by another sequence of distorted images. The words “Become witness to evil” flashes on the screen. We see a sequence with three young women being intensely haunted and preyed on. We have a sequence of back-and-forth scenes between the detectives pursuing the case, and the victims being pursued by the tormentor(s). The word “Unleashed” flashes on the screen. Followed by another sequence of intense, distorted scenes. The trailer ends with “The Levenger Tapes”.


“The Levenger Tapes” also have the USA working title of “Screaming Lady Creek” on IMDb. Within just 1 minute and 29 seconds, the trailer grabs your attention. However, the trailer looks all too familiar. Some kids visit a burial ground late at night, only to wake up some unknown evil presence from it’s slumber, and they become victims of the evil force as a result. Meanwhile, detectives assigned to the case are nearby, planning and strategizing to crack the case, find the kids before it’s too late, and hopefully catch the evil force. And they all live happily ever after.

Funny how, based on the trailer alone, I was able to predict how the story starts, how it plays out, and how it ends. Of, course, this is all just speculation, given that I haven’t actually watched the film yet. It’s just a hunch I get while viewing the trailer, being that I’ve seen movies like this a dozen times before.

Aside from its familiarity, “The Levenger Tapes” trailer looks to be a good cinematic experience. It definitely doesn’t give me a feeling of wandering, lingering and boredom. Based on the distorted scenes, there looks to be some intense action in the film, which is a plus. What’s interesting, is that the trailer looks to take the approach of traditional filming techniques, with some found footage filming techniques within it as well. If this is so, this is also an advantage for the film itself, as it serves in its favor as a distinguishing factor, uniquely separating it from the rest of its genre pool. Found footage films are definitely rising on a trend growth spurt with the baby boomer era, and are part of the “it” scene.


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