Little Devils: The Birth Gets DVD, VHS Digital Release


Little Devils: The Birth Gets Limited Edition Re-Release, Digital Remastered!

Little Devils: The Birth Film Details

Director: George Pavlou Director: George Pavlou Writer: Elliott Stein Little Devils The Birth

Writer: Elliott Stein

Release Date: 1993

Re-release Format:

Pre-orders for the DVD

The VHS version

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Comedy, Horror

Running Time: 1h 40min


The Little Devils are mini-masters of mayhem, created by an evil scientist. Dr. Lionel discovers an ancient mudpot from Hell, returning home with samples of it. Unfortunately, he has been possessed, and begins to sculpt Gargoyles, later giving them life. Of course, they then go about killing people and wreaking havoc. Director: George Pavlou Writer: Elliott Stein Little Devils The BirthOverview

Shivers Entertainment announced the re-release of Little Devils: The Birth. The film will be available on a limited DVD and VHS. Only twenty-five (25) copies are available for the latter option. Little Devils: The Birth first released in 1993. The Comedy, Horror is remastered to meet today’s digital viewing format.

Pre-orders are now open via the links provided above. This re-release a treasure for purveyors of vintage Horror films. For the uninitiated Little Devils: The Birth offers a narrative which transcends multiple genres. Horror and humor blended with elements of science fiction to create a cult classic. Little Devils: The Birth borrows many themes associated with the Horror cinema of that decade. Are you ready for a flashback?

The VHS version release date is the 11th of May  2017.  DVD pre-orders open the 25th of May 2017. The DVD orders will ship the 6th of June 2017.

Below is an excerpt from the press release issued earlier today:

From the DVD Backcover: Happy-go-lucky writer Ed Reid (Marc Price; Trick or Treat) doesn’t have much going for him: he’s hassled daily by his overly aggressive sex-starved landlady, the girl he’s interested in happens to be an exotic dancer and to pay the bills he writes erotic stories for a sleazy publication. To make matters worse, a strange young scientist in the suite next door, Lionel (Wayne McNamara) is using a mysterious mud to create an army of gargoyles. Soon, the evil sculptures become out of control, taking on a life of their own while stopping at nothing to defend their creator. Determined to stop the mayhem, Ed and his friends set out to destroy the creatures once and for all, with the assistance of the scientist himself, who ultimately holds the key to the origin and destruction of the murderous monsters. Director: George Pavlou Writer: Elliott Stein Little Devils The Birth


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