Lost Creek, A Supernatural, Coming of Age Tale

Lost Creek Film Details

Director:  Colin Adams-ToomeyDecayMag.com Colin Adams-Toomey's "Lost Creek"

Writer: Colin Adams-ToomeyDan John Witherall

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror


As they approach the end of childhood, three elementary school kids must brave the woods on Halloween to face a monster born from their nightmares.



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Lost Creek, is an upcoming indie horror film slated for release in the film festival circuit. A general distribution model has yet to develop. In the meantime, DecayMag.com has exclusive information on Colin Adams-Toomey‘s upcoming film.

DecayMag.com Colin Adams-Toomey's "Lost Creek"“Lost Creek” is a local production shot on in and around Newark, Delaware. The setting is writer/director Colin Adams-Toomey’s childhood environment. This in itself offers a personal connection between the viewer and artist.

Toomey’s film is part supernatural Thriller and part coming of age story. The plot centers on eleven-year-old, Peter (Portrayed by Oliver Stockman). Far-fetched elements are not presented in “Lost Creek”. In fact, Peter is a modest young man coming to terms with his parent’s divorce. Moving to a new town along with his mother Claire (Portrayed by Lisa Coruzzi) adds to Peter’s woes. Audiences can connect with this true to life story.

“Lost Creek” would not be complete without the supernatural element. This focus on the storyline involves the occurance of unexplained mysteries. The events increase in frequency as Halloween nears. Peter along with his friend Maggie (portrayed by Brynna Bartoo) set out to solve the puzzling circumstances plaguing the town. Is there a connection with Lost Creek, a nearby brook frequent by the young duo?

Halloween plays an important role in the film. The following quote is an excerpt from the information packet received by DecayMag.com yesterday.

“Halloween is the perfect metaphor for everything both great and terrifying about being a kid. It’s all about imagination, but also it’s a time we focus on the dark places in our minds. You get to go out at night without grown-ups, and that’s exciting, but it’s also scary: the comfort of your parents is gone.”

“Lost Creek” is an independent film financed by Colin Adams-Toomey, Dan John Witherall, and cinematographer Kevin Eikenberg themselves. The soundtrack to the film is the work of musician Evan Chapman. Capman is notable for his collaboation with the instrumental rock/electronic band band Square Peg Round Hole. Also, tracks from the indie rock band Murder By Death are feaured in “Lost Creek”.

“Lost Creek” is a film to look out for. Please take a moment to watch the trailer provide above. Stay tuned to DecayMag.com for more information on this film as it develops. For more information visit/follow the social network platforms for “Lost Creek”, provided below.


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