Luca della Valle Immortalized in Vampire Web Series

Luca della Valle developed a solid Luca Della Vallecareer in the performing arts over the years. The Italian-born actor is best noted for his articulation and commanding stature.

With dedication as a motivating influence, della Valle sought to hone his technique. His study in the arts include many prestigious outlets and they are:

• Trained in method acting at Teatri Possibili
• Speech and Drama Academy in Milan.
• Meisner Technique by Dannie-Lu Carr
• Coached by Michael Duvall from                        The Actor Studio NY in London
• Acting for Film & TV at The Actors Center in London

Luca della Valle starred in numerous short films. He also achieved a part in Guy Ritchie‘s 2015 Action reboot The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Yet, della Valle’s recent portrayal takes him in the domain of the supernatural, an arena DecayMag caters to. His performance as Kayn tailors to his striking presence. It’s a part Horror enthusiasts can settle their fangs into. Charli Brown serves as director and Writer to this web series concentrated on vampires and seedy criminal syndicates. According to IMDb, the series plays as a trilogy.

Below is an outline of the series supplemented by its synopsis. Also noted hereinafter is a quote Brown issued summing her supernatural web series. For more information on this forthcoming project visit the official FaceBook Page.

Luca della Valle’s current performance as Kayn is the starting point. Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller these are genres waiting for exploration for the enthusiastic artist. Stay tuned to DecayMag we may secure an interview opportunity with della Valle within the upcoming weeks. We’ll discuss his ever-growing career and his investment in Horror. Luca Della Valle

“Our battle is not with external creatures, alien invasions, deadly outbreaks or mother nature’s wrath. It is from within – Us.”

Charli Brown, Director Writer

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