Lufu Emre Cicek’s “Naciye” Premiers in Turkey

Lufu Emre Cicek’s “Naciye” marks the first feature and venture into the Horror genre. The venture set out to be a huge success. “Naciye” had a world premier at Screamfest in Los Angeles in October 2015. Critics and moviegoers alike offered praise during its film festival circulation. Horror maestros Pedro Almodovar, Curtis Hanson, Roman Polanski, and Dario Argento were a source of inspiration for Lufu Emre Cicek. “Naciye” is a Turkish  Horror, Suspense, Thriller. The film has piqued the interest of many in the Horror community.

News on “Naciye” have remained still until now. The film is set to premier on Friday the 11th of March 2016 in its native Istanbul, Turkey. A huge promotional campaign led to several sold out screenings.

Marketed as a new kind of horror film. “Naciye” touts itself as a defining psychological Thriller.  The film is rated NC-17 under MPAA standards. Lufu Emre Cicek also served as writer and producer to “Naciye”. Cicek had this to say about his profound vision in Horror:

“With this movie I wanted to make something that would be familiar to horror fans in its homages to horror movie tropes but maintain its Turkish touches, like the island setting, the soap opera-esque hysteria of the leads, Naciye’s style of clothing and the music.”

The synopsis to Lufu Emre Cicek’s “Naciye” reads as follows:

In “Naciye,” a pregnant couple  travels for the weekend to check on the house they rented on a whim for the remainder of the pregnancy. On their first night at the secluded home they encounter the dangerous woman, who claims to be its rightful owner.

No word yet if “Naciye” will be reaching the United States anytime soon. In the meantime take a moment to review the press release  provided to Stay tuned for further updates on this much anticipated psychological Horror, Thriller.

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Lufu Emre Cicek’s “Naciye” Media Kit




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