Luke Sparke’s “Red Billabong”  Trailer and Stills Update!

Luke Sparke’s “Red Billabong” has lingered in development for some time now. This is a film we here at have covered for some time now. A new set of movie stills released today. Also included in the press release is a new trailer. “Red Billbong” is the much anticipated creature feature set against the Australian outback. The film marks the Horror directorial debut for Luke Sparke. “Red Billabong”  is scheduled to release on Australian cinemas sometime in July 2016. A U.S. release date is still pending. “Red Billbong” is a collaborative production between Sparke, Pinnacle Films and Darclight Films.

The long synopsis to “Red Billabong” reads as follows:

“Nick Marshal and his estranged brother Tristan are drawn into a world of secrets and lies when their grandfather’s enormous outback property passes into their hands.  Old wounds are reopened as friends arrive to visit and strange things begin to occur around the river’s billabong water hole. After visits from an old aboriginal family friend and an unscrupulous property developer, the brothers wonder just who is on their side. Night falls, tensions rise, friends go missing, and past misgivings come to a head. Tristan finds himself not believing his brother who is convinced something dark is at work on the grounds. As they part ways to look for their friends and answers, revelations are unearthed that will change the course of their lives forever. Every Australian may have heard a story of a terrifying outback monster – the Bunyip – but is it just a story? Could it be real?”

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Stay tuned to for further developments on Luke Sparke’s “Red Billabong”. Be sure to check out the trailer and share your thoughts suing the comments fields below.





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