Lung II: Phil Stevens Pulls No Punches

Lung II Film Details DecayMag.comPhil Stevens' Lung II

Director: Phil Stevens

Writer: Phil Stevens

Release Date: February 17, 2016

Release Format: Streaming

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller


A nameless man wanders the city, littered with necrotic artifacts and a trail of corpses. Are his grotesque hallucinations clues to a violent past? Or are they premonitions?

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You will see me use the words “bizarre, brutal and grotesque” a lot because that’s exactly what “Lung  II” is. Shot beautifully in black and white and in dominant silence, this Arthouse-style shocker grabs you and embraces you till the very end. A man (Phil Stevens) wanders aimlessly around town, oblivious and without a destination in mind. All that guides him are his visions, hallucinations and depictions of the world. Everything and everyone is a mere illusion of his dark mind that seems to be his own “world of dark and troubling things”. Phil Stevens' Lung IIYou will notice that I quote a line from the synopsis of “Eraserhead”. In many ways, “Lung II” reminds me of “Eraserhead”. The bizarre, the eeriness, the surrealism. The world of dark and troubling things. In many ways, this man is “Henry” from “Eraserhead”. “Lung II” is just on the more grotesque end of the spectrum than “Eraserhead”.

We start off with an intense, almost hard to handle scene, where a body is being mutilated. Things then calm down for a split moment when the man decides to wander around town. Things pick up again and never really let’s back up. For the duration of the film, we are subjected to bizarre situations, brutal atrocities. It’s like necrophilia and necrophobia combined to the highest power.


“Lung II” is dominantly visual. With eerie and haunting sounds and bizarre, brutal and grotesque visuals, the film’s artistic nature lies primarily in the visuals. And, with a film such as this, visual is all you truly need. The images tells the film’s story precisely and successfully without the aid of dialogue.

Writer and director Phil Stevens, pulls no punches with “Lung II”, which is visually bizarre, brutal and grotesque to say the least. The plot and storyline are superb with a very high emphasis on visual mastery. I feel like this film will successfully make the list of the most disturbing controversial films of all time if it hasn’t already.

The practical effects and special effects are amazing. Very surreal while looking realistic.

Closing Thought

“Lung II” doesn’t really hit you on a scary or horrifying sense. It’s more along the lines of shockingly brutal, depraved and unforgiving. It takes the deepest of the human depths and the window of acceptance, and it pushes the boundaries. It’s beyond stepping outside of the box. It’s in a realm of it’s own, where no other film can really compete.

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