Lurking, Brian Gerson & Joseph R. Davis Latest is Smirks and Scares

Lurking, It’s. Film Details Joseph R. Davis, Brian Gerson Its Lurking

Director: Joseph R. Davis, Brian Gerson

Writer: Joseph R. Davis, Brian Gerson

Release Date:  4 May 2016 (USA)

Release Format: Streaming

MPAA Rating: n/a 

Genre: Short, Horror


Jake comes home for the weekend and must battle unknown forces. Joseph R. Davis, Brian Gerson Its LurkingPros:

One of the impressive aspect of the film Joseph R. Davis, Brian Gerson It’s Lurking offer a solid foundation for a Horror film condensed in a short.  is  the cinematography. Scenes have a composition of refined artistry. Directors, Joseph R. Davis, and Brian Gerson use creative angles to capture the action. Their craftsmanship in visual storytelling begins with the opening frame of It’s Lurking. The duo manages to execute dramatic flair with something trivial as a person entering a home.

Kudos to the cast of It’s Lurking for their entertaining performances. There were certain instances that lacked authentic interpretation and enthusiasm. The portrayals were satisfactory and on par with the level of given theatrical experience. Lax performances typical in many B-movies don’t rear its ugly head here.

It’s Lurking offers an original concept that can translate well as a full-length feature. The short running time does not give the Horror concept authority. Joseph R. Davis and Brian Gerson built “It’s Lurking” with the fundamentals of a good Horror film.

The writers made good use of using the environment to convey key elements of the story. Information on imminent Horrors is creatively offered via subtle newscasts. Dialogue also plays a vital role in the story development. Yet, the exchange doesn’t quite anchor attention due to the bad timing. The delivery interprets as alcohol influenced exaggerations. Even so, the audience is wondering about consequences and scenarios. Joseph R. Davis, Brian Gerson Its Lurking


It’s Lurking has an engaging plot yet the delivery fails proper interpretation. For example, the protagonist, Jake is an amusing character. Except the audience is only presented with the basics to Jake’s backstory.

Another downside to It’s Lurking is the lack of focus on a supernatural plane. Are entities lurking in the dark? Shouldn’t this be a crucial part of the movie? Supernatural scares attempt to surface from the depth of youth antics. Horrors, the core concept are reserved for the latter minutes of the film. Audiences want to know more about the characters and more so of the threat surrounding them.

The points mentioned above are not a major flaw. The concentrated time frame of the film is. It’s Lurking offers a great Supernatural Horror formula, innovative in its own right. A concept that warrants a full-length adaptation. Joseph R. Davis, Brian Gerson Its Lurking

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75 %
65 %
Originality / Redefining
80 %
50 %
Practical Effects
5 %
Scare Factor
5 %
Special Effects
20 %
Viewing Experience
80 %
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