“Lychee Light Club” Manga gets Live-Action Adaptation…

The long awaited film adaptation to “Lychee Light Club” is in production, just in time to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the similarly titled manga. Based on the Tokyo Grand Guignol production, “Lychee Light Club” also known as “Litchi Hikari Club”, a Japanese Horror manga written and illustrated by Usamaru Furuya. “Lychee Light Club” circulated in Ohta Publishing’s “Manga Erotics F” magazine between May 2005 and May 2006. “Lychee Light Club” transitioned to the small screen in the form of eight anime episodes that aired on October 2012. The under three-minute segments are available to view on the Anime/Manga oriented website; Crunchyroll.

“Lychee Light Club” plot summary…

 The story centers on a nine-member group of middle-school boys that call themselves “The Light Club”. The assembly act in concert to create an artificial life form to abduct beautiful women. The reason behind the abduction is to find ultimate beauty.  A change in leadership occurs and “The Light Club” become increasingly sinister. Ultimately, the founding leader, Tamiya, attempts to reclaim his title after becoming  concerned with the new leader, Zera, method of guiding “The Light Club”. 

decaymag.com Ayami Nakajao portrays "Kanona"

Ayami Nakajo, must notable for her role in the 2014 Horror “Fatal Frame” stars in “Lychee Light Club”. Ayami Nakajao portrays “Kanona”, a girl who inadvertently becomes  a”goddess” to “The Light Club”. Furnished below is the official actor/character portrayal to the film, “Lychee Light Club”.

decaymag.com "Lychee Light Club" cast

From top left to right:

  • Tamiya Auditor / Nomura Shuhei
  • Zerah Auditor / Yuki Furukawa
  • Jaibo Auditor / Shôtarô Mamiya

From Center left to right:

  • Nico Auditor / Junya Ikeda
  • Raizo Auditor / Ryo Matsuda
  • Calculator Auditor / Junki Tozuka

From bottom left to right:

  • Duff Auditor / Masaki ReiWataru
  • Kaneda Auditor / Fujiwara season
  • Jacob Auditor / Okayama Amane

Eisuke Naito, best know for the 2014 Horror/Thriller “Puzzle” helms “Lychee Light Club”.  The film, “Lychee Light Club” is slated for release theatrically in Japan on 2016. Below is the non-English trailer to the film.


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  • crunchyroll.com


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