“Malevolent” Secures Voice Talents

“Malevolent” is a Horror animation film currently in development and produced by Coverage Ink Films.  The animated film will be presented in 2D format and will be Directed by Jason Axinn. The synopsis to the Horror animation film, “Malevolent” is as follows:

In order to save her siblings, a young woman takes on her father and the powerful entity known as Gamemaster, who ensnares humans into diabolical plots while her species gambles on the outcome.

(Excerpt: IMDB)

“Malevolent” Film Cast..

Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning actor Williams Shatner was recently cast  in the animated horror feature film “Malevolent” and will portray the character called; Overseer, the film’s narrator and “voice of unreasoning. Director Jason Axinn had this to say on working with the Sci-Fi legend, Williams Shatner:

“Understandably, the chance to work with a legend is a dream come true..I’m really excited that Mr. Shatner is coming along for the ride.”

decaymag.com Malevolent“Malevolent” will also feature the voice talents of actors Morena Baccarin cast as the character named; Gamemaster, an entity who ensnares humans into sinister conflicts. Dani Lennon play the film’s protagonist, Miriam Dekalb, daughter of powerful and Cyrus Dekalb and the woman who must save herself and her siblings from his nefarious plans. Ray Wise portrays  the character; Cyrus Dekalb, the dying, wealthy industrialist who lures his family to discuss his estate but has other more diabolical intentions in play. Bill Moseley is cast as Cyrus’ disfiguring and twisted henchman, Pavel.

“Malevolent”  was written collaboratively by Jim Cirile and Tanya C. Klein and both are also executive producers on the project. In addition, Paige Barnett and Cindi Rice are on board as producers to the film. “Malevolent”  is slated for release in early 2016.


The Hollywood Reporter



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