Marrowbone: Sergio G. Sanchez’s Sci-Fi Thriller

Marrowbone: Actress Anya Taylor-Joy Joins Cast

Title: Marrowbone

Director: Sergio G. Sanchez

Writer: Sergio G. Sanchez

Release Date: TBA


Fox Network’s Sci-Fi, Thriller Marrowbone will be releasing soon. It follows a:

“20-year-old who, with his three younger siblings, is plagued by a sinister presence in the manor where they live. To stay together, they have kept secret the death of their beloved mother.”

Marrowbone is written and directed by Sergio G. Sanchez, produced by Belen Atienza, and executive produced by J.A. Bayona. This trio has worked together before. Their work includes The Orphanage, and The Impossible. Also joining the crew as producers are Alvaro Augustin, and Ghislain Barrois.

Anya Marrowbone: Anya Taylor-Joy To Join Cast will join the cast in Marrowbone, and she’s making quite a name for herself in the horror cinema industry. With star roles in hit titles, such as The Witch and Morgan, Anya Taylor-Joy is no stranger to horror.

Sanchez’s film is a psychological Sci-Fi-Thriller that seems to surround a distraught family that is haunted by an evil spirit. They must keep their secrets if they want to stay together. Marrowbone seems to delve deep into the supernatural world. It possesses all of the elements of a psychological Suspenseful Supernatural film.

There is some mystery in the synopsis that raises some questions. Also, being that there is not much information on the film at this time. Not even a trailer as of yet.

Why are they being plagued by a sinister presence?

Why have they kept the death of their mother secret?

How and why did their mother die?

Speculation says there are some skeletons hiding in the closets of the family itself. I feel that the family is hiding some dark secrets that go beyond the surface, and the revelation in the movie could be a drastic one. But I guess we’ll just have to wait to find out.

The release date for Marrowbone has not yet been set. Stay tuned for updates.




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