Martin Owen‘s Let’s Be Evil, A VR Thriller

Martin Owen directs A Technology-Driven Horror Martin Owen's Let's Be Evil

Writers: Elizabeth Morris, Martin Owen

Release Date: August 5, 2016

Release Format: Theatrical, VOD


Let’s Be Evil is gearing up for its premiere release on August 5, 2016. The dark Thriller is directed by Martin Owen, written by Owen and Elizabeth Morris, and produced by Jonathan Willis.

Step into a virtual reality nightmare. Desperately in need of money to care for a sick parent, Jenny (Elizabeth Morris) takes a job supervising children at a learning center for gifted students.

But when she and two other new employees are ushered into a maximum-security underground bunker where eerily robotic children are outfitted with augmented reality glasses,

Jenny finds herself thrust into a disturbing technological experiment in which she is an unwitting player in a terrifying virtual game. This future shock brain-bender is a creepy kids thriller for our tech-addicted culture.

Technology, social media, and cinema are starting to go hand-in-hand in the Horror genre. In a day and age where people rely heavily and increasingly on technology in their daily lives, filmmakers and directors are starting to take advantage of this useful and resourceful tool to tap into a whole new cinematic playground.

A Virtual Reality nightmare, where a dangerous game ensues. This plot sounds like Ilya Naishuller’s Hardcore Henry, the first-person Virtual Reality Action film, and Tara Subkoff’s #Horror, another film that combines Horror with technology and a dangerous social media game that becomes deadly.

The trailer for Let’s Be Evil, takes a relatively different approach. It is quite suspenseful and grows intense.

We definitely see that this maximum security facility is much more than it seems, and the “children” are not what they seem. Suddenly, Jenny and the others get more than they bargained for when they applied for the job.

From a personal analysis standpoint, Let’s Be Evil shows just how addicting and dangerous technology can be, especially when it gets into the wrong hands and used for evil.

It also shows how damaging it can be to your mind if you’re not careful and aware. Adding the touch of young children further increases the intensity.

Let’s Be Evil will release in theaters and on demand on August 5, 2016.


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