Masked Mutilator Back in the squared Circle

Masked Mutilator is an indie slasher Horror film twenty years in the making. The film blends two Masked Mutilatorworlds together, sports entertainment and Horror. The antagonist in Masked Mutilator is a former pro wrestler. This is an interesting narrative, considering the wide demographic appeal for professional wrestling.

Most productions face hurdles in one way or another. This, of course, is of expectancy. In the end, despite tribulations, a finished project leaps onto distribution markets. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case for Masked Mutilator. Production issues derailed the accomplished eighty percent of the completed film.

DecayMag received an email earlier this week from Dale Schneck. The screenplay is a collaborative writing effort between Schneck and Ed Polgardy. Schneck also serves as co- exec producer with Polgardy as producer. In the email, Schneck states the following;

“….Production complications and casting commitments prevented us from finishing the film back then, so the 16mm negs lay dormant for all these years….”

Dale Schneck of Dale Schneck Entertainment Development, LLC

At the time most of the listed cast members were embarking on their film career. Composing the ensemble were Glenn Hetrick and actor James DeBello. Hetrick is now an accomplished special effect artist. Debello cemented himself as a refined actor. Brick Bronsky served as director and also stars in the film. Bronsky would later venture into B-movie stardom working with Troma Films.

Through ambition and dedication, a revised version of Masked Mutilator is in development. Three of the original actors one of which includes Tom Taylor will return to reprise their roles. Its noted that the use of make-up will not be used to age the actors.

WWE commentator Mean Gene Okerlund interviewed Tom Taylor. The session is part of promotional efforts for the upcoming film. The video can is available below.

Also, professional wrestler Rob VanDam is featured in a short promo video alongside Tom Taylor.

Stay tuned to DecayMag, we will be featuring updated news on . Till then do visit the Masked Mutilator Official website  


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