Masked Mutilator Wrestling Stylized Slasher Horror -Update!

Masked Mutilator Film Masked Mutilator

Writers: Dale SchneckEd Polgardy


When he is banned for supposedly killing his opponent in the ring, a former pro wrestler takes a job as a tough love house parent in a group home for juveniles.  What he doesn’t know about his challenging position in the home is that former teen residents had committed a brutal rape about 15 years earlier and that ultimately contributes to the arrival of a college intern joining his staff.  Rumors and fists fly while residents suspiciously disappear. Masked MutilatorOverview

Back in February 2017, an Indiegogo campaign launched for the slasher Horror film Masked Mutilator. Funding for this full feature film would close post-production expenses.

Executive Producer Dale Schneck seeks to resurrect a project once forgotten. A film with twenty years in the making.

Two decades ago eighty percent of the film reached completion. Unfortunate circumstances prevented Masked Mutilator any further progress in composition. Thus the 16mm reels remained in cans, latent in the generations to come. Attempts are now in a position to bring Masked Mutilator for Horror cinephiles worldwide. An Indiegogo campaign was the beginning into seeing the film developed. The campaign had an aim of eighty-one thousand dollars ($81,000). It is unclear if the crowdfunding campaign proved successful. These assets would have flowed into the many fields to develop the film. Paul Sutt, Tom Taylor, Dale Schneck Masked Mutiilator
From L to R; Paul Sutt, Tom Taylor, Dale Schneck, Masked Mutiilator

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The cast is one interesting feature of Schneck’s creation. Many of the performers and production crew found their debut on Masked Mutilator. Glenn Hetrick is a renowned special effects artist. Hetrick is best known as a member of the judging panel on Syfy’s Face Off. Many may not know Hetrick made his acting and practical effects start on Schneck’s project.

The Latest

Schneck provided an update in his latest email to DecayMag.

Principal photography wrapped a week ago, and approx. 80% of the film has been edited.

Dale Schneck, Masked Mutilator Executive Producer

Also contained in the email were two still images featuring Jim “The Tank” Dorsey, Paul Sutt and Director Nick Lallo. For more information visit the official website


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