Masks Shocking DVD, Blu-Ray Art, Trailer

Masks Film Details Andreas Marschall's Masks

Title: Masks

Director: Andreas Marschall

Writer: Andreas Marschall

Release Date: November 3, 2011


In the 70s Matteusz Gdula invented an acting method that was supposed to make every actor “shine”. Still, lots of his students die mysteriously and Gdula commits suicide. His method gets banned.

Now: Stella, an ambitious, but rather untalented drama student, gets accepted at the “Matteusz Gdula”-school. When she bears witness to some strange occurrences, she gets drawn into the bizarre and deadly web that surrounds the dark secret of the school.

Overview Andreas Marschall's Maskslso known as Audition For Death, Masks gets its release on DVD and Blu-Ray. The German Giallo Horror, Mystery, Thriller, written and directed by Andreas Marschall, released in 2011. The cover art is risque and shocking, to say the least. Featuring a nude woman with the mark of a sword, and a creepy mask.

The tagline “Fame is pain” is on the cover. This has me intrigued. When I read this line, I can’t help but think about Kevin Klosch and Dennis Widmyer’s Starry Eyes. The message: How far would you go to achieve fame?

Of course, Masks takes a seemingly different route. However, the message sounds similar. A young woman, who lives on the brink of hope, takes risks to achieve success and fame. The road, however, is a very dark road.

The trailer to Masks was published on July 5, 2016, and it is filled with dark suspense, with erotic undertones, and a great deal of violence.

A young drama student visits a private drama school that has unconventional methods. It’s designed to make every student shine. However, it does the exact opposite. When she uncovers the secret of the school, she discovers mysterious masked people, and the meaning behind “fame is pain”.

ReelGore Releasing will be releasing Masks to DVD and Blu-Ray September 2016.


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