Midnight Man, Travis Zariwny Offers Another Reboot

Midnight man is not to be confused with D.C. Hamilton’s 2016 thriller “The Midnight Man”. This upcoming production is the next feature/remake/reboot directed by Travis Zariwny. Many may recall Zariwny as the director to the 2016 “Cabin Fever” release/remake. The wrap revealed some intriguing news on “Midnight Man” in an exclusive article today.  Robert Englund of “A Nightmare on Elm Street” fame and female Horror icon Lin Shaye will star in the film.

DecayMag.com Rob Kennedy's "Midnight Man" “Midnight Man” is an American remake to a low-budget film directed and written by Rob Kennedy. Kennedy’s film bears the same title and was released in Ireland on 2013.

An unofficial synopsis to Travis Zariwny’s production reads as follows:

A girl who plays a game with her friends that summon a creature known as the midnight man who uses their worst fears against them.

The Synopsis to Rob Kennedy’s 2013 film reads as follows:

When an innocent girl summons the mythical Midnight Man for a night of thrills, she opens the door to terrifying supernatural forces that threaten to destroy her…

To those unaware, the film’s concept is based on urban legend mythology. The practice/ritual involves writing a name on paper. Later the subject would dip the paper blood and knock on a door. The timing and the final number of knocks must fall at 12 midnight. The result summons an entity known as Midnight Man. A google search reveals plenty of stories and videos on this urban legend.

Filming  is currently underway in Winnipeg, Canada.  The wrap also states that actress Gabrielle Haugh will star as film’s protagonist. Grayson Gabriel, Summer Howell, Keenan Lehmann, Meredith Rose, Michael Sirow, and Kyle Strauts round out the cast. A release date to this upcoming Horror, Thriller was not included in the cast revelation.

Production details to Travis Zariwny’s upcoming film has yet to reach IMDB.com. Further information on this film will release in the months to come.

What’s your opinion on to Travis  Zariwny’s upcoming film? Will the inclusion of two horror icons merit deserved attention to the film? Will Travis  Zariwny’s next film bomb much like the 2016 “Cabin Fever” release? Share your opinion using the comments fields below.



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